Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort Chapter 63

Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort by Mr Magnate

Chapter 63

After ending the call, Charlotte lay in bed and was getting bored. Then, she started texting Gigolo In Debt.

Why aren’t you reporting on your recent progress? Can’t you be more enthusiastic about this?

She had to be as docile and obed*ient as possible in front of the Devil, and that was why she enjoyed bossing Gigolo In Debt around.

Business has been slow recently, the Gigolo In Debt replied.

Slow? Haven’t you been visiting Sultry Night? What have you been doing? Charlotte typed.

The Gigolo In Debt did not reply.

She sighed and gave him a call, and it took several rings before he finally picked up. “What’s up?”

“Are you keeping your sugar mommies company these days?” Charlotte asked.

The man in the neighboring room swirled his wine around the glassas he relaxed in the bathtub filled to the brim with warm water. His lightly-tanned skin shimmered under the light, and his well-defined muscles seemed to give off a strangely dominant aura.

“I’m staying with a certain Stupid Woman,” Zachary said calmly.

“What Stupid Woman? I’m your boss!” Charlotte barked. “You will never succeed if you don’t change this disgusting att*itude of yours and serve me!”

“I’m just a gigolo. I don’t need success,” Zachary said, wiping the water off his face.

“What’s that sound?” Charlotte asked. “Are you swimming?”

“I’m just taking a bath,” Zachary said, taking a sip of wine.

“Why did you answer my call then?”

Charlotte’s mind wandered to how he would look like in the bathtub. She could almost see the enticing curves of his muscles and lean body glistening with water as he emerged from the bathtub.

He’ll look like a full-course meal!

“What are you thinking of?” Zachary teased.

“You jerk!” Charlotte yelled as her heart skipped a beat.

“I vaguely remember that there was a horny girl back at Sultry Night who molested me…”

Zachary could feel his body heat up as he recalled the event of that night.

“I just wanted to poke fun at those sugar mommies!” Charlotte explained hurriedly. “You should be messing around with your clients, not your boss! I won’t pay you for doing weird things to me!”

“It’s fine, just take it as payment.”

“No way!” Charlotte said, cutting him off. “No way am I getting intimate with my subordinate!”

“What about your own boss?” Zachary asked with a light grin.

“My boss is tall, handsome and rich, but he’s a pervert too. He’s been pretty nice to me recently, though. Maybe he’s scared of me?” Charlotte said.

Zachary rolled his eyes skyward. Looks like I’ve been too nice to you!

“My boss is a strange person, to be honest. He never smiles or looks at me in the eye, but when I got injured, he took me back home and a*s*sign his family doctor to take care of me…”

“You should thank him for treating you so well.”

“No! Don’t you know how dangerous my situation is right now?”


“Think about it! Which boss would bring their injured employee back home instead of sending them to the hospital?”

“Maybe you’re just…special?”

“That’s the problem!” Charlotte blurted. “I run into him almost everywhere I go, and I don’t think it’s by chance…in fact, some of my colleagues have never even met him! He’s definitely seeking me out!”

“Why would he do that?” Zachary asked out of curiosity.

“Isn’t it obvious? He has a crush on me!”

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