Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort Chapter 65

Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort by Mr Magnate

Chapter 65

However, before she could get out of bed to tear the bathrobe off Zachary’s body, he had already disappeared from the room.

She tried to sit up and yell his name, only for a maid to close the door behind him.

Charlotte collapsed onto the bed in disappointment. Guess I’ll just take the time to rest and recover for now. Everything else can wait.

Meanwhile, Zachary smirked when he returned to the safety of his own room as his lips curved into a bewitching smile.

She’s so adorable when she’s being an idiot!

Charlotte struggled to fall asleep that night, though it was nothing related to the pain from her wounds.

Her mind raced as she thought about the chip and Zachary, even though they were completely unrelated matters.

Nonetheless, both troubled her immensely.

When can I pull myself out of this mess?

The next morning, Charlotte woke up abruptly to the sound of her phone ringing. It was a call from her kids, and she calmed them down with a few quick words before hanging up.

The last thing she wanted was for someone else to find out about her kids. Considering the number of enemies the Windt Corporation had before their fall from grace, exposing her kids would spell disaster for her.

A few minutes later, Raina and her a*s*sistant walked in to change her bandages, and Zachary happened to walk by the moment the door opened.

Charlotte managed to catch a glimpse of him looking like a deity in his black suit and the morning sunlight.

He had been talking to someone on the phone when he walked by, and he glanced at Charlotte when he passed by her door.

They made eye contact, and his calmness contrasted greatly against her panicked gaze.

Zachary left in a hurry just seconds later, but she followed him with her eyes, trying her best to figure out if he had been the person she was with four years ago.

He doesn’t seem like someone who would willingly become those sugar mommies’ lapdog…

“Ms. Windt, I’m going to change your bandages. It might hurt a little, so be prepared,” Raina said in a tender tone.

“Sure, go ahead,” Charlotte said.

She did not think much about the process until Raina began to peel the bandages off her neck. The pain was so immense that she started to scream her head off. “Ouch! It hurts!”

Zachary, who had been descending the spiral staircase, froze when he heard her screams. “Tell her to be gentle!” he ordered.

“Yes, Mr. Nacht,” a maid said before scurrying off to Charlotte’s room.

Raina and Charlotte heard his voice too, and Raina bowed her head apologetically. “I’m so sorry, Ms. Windt!”

“It’s fine…”

Haha! He definitely has a crush on me!

Charlotte had always dreamt of a paradise where she could spend her days doing nothing but enjoying herself, but she had her three kids to take care of.

She did not expect her dream to come true so quickly.

She loved the feeling of being pampered by a doctor and the maids, and the fact that the maids in Zachary’s house were professional and well-trained made her experience ever better.

Charlotte looked at the window and sighed happily. “It’s so bright and sunny today!”

Without wasting a single second, the maids helped her into a wheelchair and took her out for a morning walk.

Charlotte admired the exterior of the villa as the maids pushed her around the garden. Even though it had a predominantly bland color palette and was designed to be minimalistic, every detail was carefully thought out and well-executed.

In fact, the furniture in the house were all limited edition designs produced by famous designers that could fetch a few million if sold in an auction.

As the daughter of the former richest man in H City, she was used to seeing grand and lavish items, but Zachary’s home was on a totally different level.

In fact, the front garden of Zachary’s home made her jaw drop in shock. This looks like something I could find in a royal residence!

She thought back to Hector’s words. ’You don’t seem to understand Mr. Nacht’s true abilities…’

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