Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort Chapter 654

Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort by Mr. Magnate

Chapter 654

Charlotte knew Henry was lying to Robbie. Clearly, she had to leave no matter how reluctant she was. Gradually, she calmed down and regained her sanity.

Charlotte had seen firsthand what happened to Timothy. I can’t let the kids suffer because of me. I’ve been poisoned and might die anytime. There’s no way I can take care of them.

It’s better for them to remain in the Nacht family instead of wandering around with me.

As that thought occurred to her, Charlotte nodded, her eyes sparkling with tears. “Yes, he’s right. I’m sick and need to be treated.”

“Why did you…” Robbie trailed off in confusion.

“Silly boy. It hurts to get a shot, right?” Charlotte bent down and patted his head gently. She forced out a smile and said, “I’m afraid of that so I refused to go to the hospital.”

“Mommy, don’t be scared.” Robbie flung his arms around her and patted her. “You’ll recover after getting a shot. Be brave!”

“Mm!” Charlotte bit her lip and gave a firm nod, trying to stop herself from crying out loud.

“Look, I didn’t lie to you!” Henry waved him over. “Come to me. Your daddy will make sure your mommy gets treated.”

Robbie looked at Zachary, seeking confirmation. Zachary gave him a little push. “Go!

Both Charlotte and Zachary had come to a tacit agreement that they shouldn’t involve the kids in their matters.

Hence, they played along with Henry.

Robbie went to Henry and took his wrinkly hand.

The bodyguards stepped up and said politely, “Ms. Windt, this way, please.”

Charlotte didn’t fight back. She took the hem of her dress and followed them out.

When she walked past Robbie, she glanced at her son as tears rolled down her cheeks. A smile flitted across her lips as she told him, “Robbie, take good care of yourself and your siblings, alright?”

Her voice was trembling along with her heart.

She couldn’t understand why the Nacht family insisted on sending her away and that Zachary, who had always been on her side, would suddenly go back on his word. It came as a complete shock to her.

However, she knew she was powerless to resist.

She could only pray that the kids would get to live a great life in the Nacht family.

“Got it,” said Robbie as he nodded, tears glistening in his eyes. “Mommy, listen to the doctor. Tonight, me, Jamie, Ellie, and Fifi will visit you in the hospital.”

At his words, Charlotte sobbed silently. She lowered her gaze and scurried out lest Robbie sensed her sorrow.

“Daddy!” Robbie called out. “Won’t you go with her?”

Zachary snapped back to reality and dashed after Charlotte.

At the door, Robbie reminded him, “Daddy, take good care of Mommy.”

Zachary nodded with his back to the little boy. His eyes turned red without warning.

The boy trusted him enough to hand his mother to him, but he was going to break his promise.

Henry glanced at Spencer, who immediately caught up with them with his men.

Soon, Zachary led Charlotte out of the back door to avoid running into the guests and her kids.

“Miss!” Upon spotting Charlotte, Mrs. Berry hurried over. “What happened?”

Half an hour earlier, Henry’s men had brought her here.

Puzzled, she asked them what was going on, but their reply was, “Just wait here. Ms. Windt will be here soon.”

Mrs. Berry’s phone had been confiscated, so she could only wait here anxiously. She only relaxed at the sight of Charlotte.

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