Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort Chapter 655

Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort by Mr. Magnate

Chapter 655

“Mrs. Berry shall stay with the Nachts,” Charlotte told Zachary coolly. “She will take care of the kids.”

“Huh? What do you mean by that?” Mrs. Berry panicked. “What exactly happened?”

“I’ll get worried if she isn’t by your side,” Zachary insisted. “The kids will be safe in the Nacht family. Don’t worry.”


“It’s settled, then. Get in the car.”

Zachary pulled the door open and shoved her into the car.

“Mr. Zachary!” Mrs. Berry was about to question him when Spencer called her name.

“Mrs. Berry, this is your luggage.” Spencer handed her luggage to her along with a silver box. “This is Ms. Windt’s antidote. Take one bottle every day. Ms. Windt’s poison will be rid of by then. Remember, guard it carefully and make sure she finishes all of them!”

“Antidote?” Mrs. Berry exclaimed in delight. “Really? She’ll recover after drinking them?”

“Yes,” Spencer answered with a nod. “Remember, take good care of it. If you lose it, you won’t get another one.”

“Okay, got it!” Mrs. Berry hugged the silver box tightly. “I’ll guard it with my life.”

“This is from Mr. Nacht.” Spencer handed her a card. “The pin is the triplet’s birthday.”


“Just take it.” Spencer stuffed the card into her hands. “Take care. Until next time!

With that, he signaled the bodyguard to open the door so Mrs. Berry could enter the car.

After pocketing the card, Mrs. Berry entered the car with the box in her arms. Her luggage was placed in the trunk by the bodyguard.

Zachary was about to enter the car when Spencer stopped him. “Mr. Zachary, we’ll be taking the car behind this one.”

“Why?” Zachary frowned.

“I’m merely following Mr. Nacht’s orders,” replied Spencer carefully. “Ms. Windt has misunderstood you, so you might trigger her emotions if you join her now. There’s no need to do so.”

Zachary took one last glance at Charlotte before following him to the car behind.

To get the antidote, he had allowed Henry’s men to take control of the situation. Resisting now would only create more trouble.

The convoy of cars slowly drove off.

Mrs. Berry scanned Charlotte carefully. “Miss, are you alright? Does it still hurt?

Charlotte leaned back in her seat and shook her head wordlessly.

“What is going on? Where are we going?” Mrs. Berry asked uneasily. “Spencer gave me this box just now. He told me that this is your antidote, and I was to keep it safe. You’ll recover after taking the antidote.”

“Antidote?” Charlotte repeated as something occurred to her. “Did he cave in to get the antidote?”

“Cave in? What?” Mrs. Berry was confused.

Charlotte fell silent and stared out of the window as renewed hope burned within her.

In the car following closely behind, Zachary was on a call with Bruce, who reported that Henry was watching Zara closely. The latter shouldn’t be able to do anything for now.

Zachary relaxed visibly and cut the line. When Spencer showed him the plane ticket, he frowned. “Seriously? T Nation?”

“It’s better for her to leave the country,” explained Spencer. “Don’t worry, Mr. Zachary. We’ve arranged everything for her, including medical facilities. She’ll do fine there.”

Zachary said nothing else. After all, it wasn’t important where she would be sent to. The subsequent dealings he had to face were more important.

Soon, the car reached the airport. Henry had chartered a private jet for Charlotte along with a medical team.

Everything was well-arranged. It didn’t seem like a farewell. Instead, it seemed like Charlotte was going on a vacation.

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