Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort Chapter 657

Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort by Mr. Magnate

Chapter 657

“How did things end up like this?” Mrs. Berry was shocked. “I thought Mr. Nacht already agreed to accept you into the family. Now that you and Mr. Zachary are married, why did he suddenly change his mind?”

“I’m rather perplexed too…” Charlotte had a somber expression as she stared at the clouds outside. “What exactly happened? Why have they decided to send me away out of the blue?”

Having heard what Charlotte said, Mrs. Berry became even more anxious and started to be paranoid of those around her.

For fear of someone snatching the silver box from her, she tightened her grip on it. Exhausted, Charlotte slowly fell into deep slumber.

Not long after, the plane arrived at the airport in Coldbridge.

Having dealt with all the paperwork, the bodyguards of the Nacht family sent Charlotte and Mrs. Berry to a small villa on the outskirts of Coldbridge. The villa looked exquisite and classy. Every furniture and electric appliance that one would need was available in the villa.

After putting down the luggage, the bodyguards gave Charlotte a bow and were getting ready to leave.

“Wait, hold on.” Mrs. Berry went up to the bodyguards. “You’re leaving just like that? What’s the meaning of this?”

“Mr. Nacht said that it’s better for you two to live your lives here and never return back to the country,” the bodyguard finally spoke up. “You can stay in this villa for as long as you need. There’s a car in the courtyard, and your ID documents for this country are on the table together with a briefcase full of money, which should be more than enough to cover your expenditures here.” ‘What…’ “Take care!” The bodyguard bowed once again and left.

“Hey.” Mrs. Berry wanted to call after the bodyguards but was interrupted by Charlotte, “That’s enough, Mrs. Berry. There’s no point asking them anyway.”

“Miss.” Mrs. Berry tugged at Charlotte’s arm while she queried, “What does the Nacht family wish to accomplish? What did they mean by we’re never returning to the country? Do they want us to live out the rest of our lives here in Coldbridge?”

“Perhaps so.” Charlotte was covering her aching head with her hands while leaning against the sofa.

“What’s wrong?” Mrs. Berry hurriedly helped her to lie down. “I’ll get you a glass of water.”

After leaving the silver box beside Charlotte, Mrs. Berry went to pour a glass of water for her.

As she was doing so, Mrs. Berry noticed that the bodyguards were still lingering around the courtyard. They were discussing something with a few locals and even gave them some money before leaving.

Curious, Mrs. Berry dashed outside to investigate, but the bodyguards were already gone.

The locals there saw her and gave her a bow. They seemed to respect her a lot.

One of the young men said, “I’m Arthit, your neighbor. If you ever need any help, feel free to come and find me.”

“Thank you,” Mrs. Berry replied before going back into the house. “It looks like the Nacht family has paid our neighbors to look after us. So we should be safe here for the time being,” Mrs. Berry informed Charlotte.

“I don’t believe that Mr. Zachary would be so callous toward us. Maybe he just needed some time to deal with Mr. Nacht. Give him a few days. He would definitely find a way to come and get us,” Mrs. Berry added.

“He seems quite cruel if you ask me^” Charlotte was in distress. “He even vowed to me that no matter what happens, he would never let go of my hand. And yet he just…”

Staring at the wedding ring on her hand, Charlotte had flashbacks of the wedding ceremony just a few hours ago. But now, she was in a different country, far away from home.

“Maybe he’s got no choice in that matter,” Mrs. Berry tried to comfort Charlotte. “Even if Mr. Zachary doesn’t care anymore, we still have Robbie, Jamie, and Ellie. The three of them will undoubtedly miss their mother. And when they start making a fuss back home, Mr. Nacht would be flurried.”

After hearing these words, a ray of hope was rekindled in Charlotte’s heart. “If the Nacht family refuses to accept me, then I’ll take the kids with me to the countryside, and we would live a tranquil life there. It’s not necessary for me to marry into the Nacht family.”

“Yeah.” Mrs. Berry’s eyes reddened while she spoke, “But I still don’t get it. Why send us all the way to T Nation? What exactly are they up to?”

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