Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort Chapter 658

Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort by Mr. Magnate

Chapter 658

“Maybe they’re afraid that I’ll take the kids from them,” Charlotte speculated. “Since the Nacht family wants to keep the children all to themselves, it’s no surprise that they decided to send me, their mother, as far away as possible.”

“But the kids would never agree to it,” Mrs. Berry uttered in puzzlement. “There’s no doubt that they will ask for you.”

“Mr. Nacht told Robbie that I was sent away to receive treatment. What if he tells the kids that I’ve died during my treatment?” Charlotte was getting angsty just thinking about it. “That’s right. There’s a high possibility that he would do so.”

“You can’t be serious. I’ll give Robbie a call right now.”

Mrs. Berry tried to call Robbie’s smart watch but to no avail.

She then tried dialing Jamie and Ellie’s numbers, but the calls couldn’t get through either.

After that, she even tried to call Olivia and Hayley. But, as expected, she couldn’t reach them too.

Agitated, she uttered impatiently, “Don’t tell me that this phone is broken.”

“Try this number.” Charlotte noticed a phone number written on the water bottle in front of her.

Mrs. Berry dialed that number, and the call was immediately answered.

In a panic, she quickly hung up the phone before querying, “Does this phone line support international phone calls?”

How about your phone?” asked Charlotte.

“It was taken away by Spencer long ago.” Mrs. Berry was getting furious. “Back then, he told me that he was just going to hold onto my phone for a moment. By the time I realized that he had tricked me, that scoundrel had already taken it away. But enough of that. Where is your phone, miss?”

“During the wedding, I handed mine over to Olivia. It’s not on me right now.” Charlotte frowned before continuing, “Let’s buy a new phone tomorrow and get a local phone number. Then, we’ll try making an international call.”

“Yes.” Mrs. Berry nodded. “Don’t worry. I’m right by your side. Nothing bad will happen.”

Touched, tears started to flow out of Charlotte’s eyes as she embraced Mrs. Berry. Glancing at the pitch-black horizon, her heart was overwhelmed with terror and uncertainty about the future.

In the meantime, the wedding ceremony was proceeding as planned in H City even after Charlotte was sent away.

The guests were still in the middle of their course meals and wanted to meet the newlyweds to give their blessings, but there were no bride and groom there to greet them.

Although everyone was curious as to what happened to the newlyweds, they were all reticent about it. After the wedding ceremony had ended, everyone left quietly except for Jeffrey and some of the guests from the bride’s side.

Jeffrey asked for Charlotte as he wanted to personally hand over the gift he brought to her and Zachary.

With no other option, Spencer had to lie and tell him that Zachary took her to the hospital because she was sick.

Worried, Jeffrey immediately asked Spencer about her sickness.

However, Spencer told him that he was not in a position to talk about it. Jeffrey didn’t want to seem like he was prying too much, so he just left.

At night, the three children returned home, nagging to visit their mother at the hospital.

Henry explained to them, “Your mommy’s sickness is complicated. We shouldn’t disturb her when she’s getting treated. Daddy is accompanying her right now, so he’ll be busy too. You three should stay at my house for now. You can come back here after your mommy has recovered.”

The three children recalled that their mother’s sickness had exacerbated ever since she came back. That being said, they listened to Henry and agreed not to bother their mother.

They then left together with Henry.

The house was as silent as the grave when Zachary came back. Sitting in the living room by himself, he stared vacuously at the empty rooms. There was no babbling from Mrs. Berry nor the sight of Charlotte’s gentle smile. The children’s quarrel was nowhere to be heard as well.

This house didn’t feel like home to him anymore.

Distressed, he rubbed his forehead. Charlotte must be very disappointed in me right now. I don’t think she’ll ever trust me again…

“Mr. Nacht!” Bruce cautiously called out to Zachary. “I’ve sent some men to keep an eye on Ms. Nacht. She hasn’t done anything suspicious. After handing over the antidote and taking her shares, she boarded a private jet to E Nation.”

Zachary nodded slightly and instructed, “Continue to keep a close watch over her. Don’t let her lay a hand on Charlotte.”

“Understood.” Bruce nodded. “The arrangements are done.

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