Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort Chapter 659

Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort by Mr. Magnate

Chapter 659

“Mr. Nacht…” Ben rushed up to Zachary and reported, “I’ve covered up the news regarding Ms. Windt. Besides that, I’ve also instructed Olivia and all the people who are involved in the matter not to say a word about it. As for the footage of the wedding ceremony, it has already been deleted. Only a copy of it remains in your email. Furthermore, all traces left by Ms. Windt in the past has been dealt with by Mr. Nacht.”

Hearing these words, Zachary was speechless. Is Grandpa trying to erase her existence from this world?

Is this the only way to secure our children’s future and ensure that no one in the Lindberg family would know about Charlotte’s existence? So that a war between the two families can be avoided?

“Mr. Nacht, you must be tired after a whole day’s work. You should get some rest,” advised Ben.

Exhausted, Zachary’s eyes were getting heavy. Seeing him like this, Ben and Bruce glanced at each other with a worried look.

A long while later, Zachary finally spoke, “Gather everything you can about the Lindberg Corporation. We need to dig out as much information as we can about Mr. Lindberg.”

“Yes.” Bruce quickly went to work.

“Help me contact the four great families as well as the seven chambers of commerce. I want to meet them,” Zachary gave out another order.

“What do you intend to do?” Ben frowned as he asked, “Do you intend to face the Lindberg Corporation head-on?”

“I understand that you want to get Ms. Windt back. However, dealing with the Lindberg Corporation is an onerous task. Their family fortune is on par with, if not more than that of the Nacht family. Not to mention…” he added on.

“Shut up!” Zachary was livid. “What’s with all the bullsh*t? Just do as you’re told.”

“Mr. Nacht.” Ben wanted to continue exhorting him but was deterred by Bruce.

Ben could only nod as he replied, “Yes.”

After the two of them left, Ben queried furiously, “Why did you stop me just now? Why won’t you let me persuade him?”

“Do you think it’ll work?” Bruce replied with a question of his own. “Whatever Mr. Nacht wants to do, he gets it done. Who are we to stop him?”

Hearing what Bruce said, Ben was at a loss for words.

He’s right. Even if I continued persuading him, Boss still wouldn’t listen. In the end, I might even have to take a few punches from him and do as he says anyway.

“Don’t worry, Mr. Henry won’t let him go overboard.” Bruce turned around to look inside the house before uttering in a low voice, “Mr. Henry has mobilized all the elites from the Nacht family to make sure Mr. Nacht doesn’t do anything daft.”

“It looks like Mr. Henry is obstinate about his decision to get rid of Ms. Windt.” Ben frowned. “This has a huge impact on Mr. Nacht. We must make sure he doesn’t do anything rash.”

“The Lindberg Corporation is getting more and more powerful. We can’t underestimate them.” Bruce let out a sigh. “Now that Ms. Nacht has taken a share of the Nacht family’s power, Mr. Nacht won’t be able to stand up to them on his own.”

“You’re right…” Ben sighed. “Who would’ve thought that Ms. Windt is a descendant of the Lindberg family?”

“It seems more like a curse rather than a blessing to be part of the Lindberg family.” Bruce’s face was getting tensed up.

“What do you mean?” Ben hurriedly questioned.

Bruce approached Ben and whispered, “Mr. Lindberg is now the head of the Lindberg family. I heard that he was ruthless enough to kill his own brothers to get to where he is now. If he finds out that Ms. Windt is his cousin, he’ll definitely use her as a tool against the Nacht family.”

“No wonder Mr. Nacht compromised.” Ben was enlightened. “Actually, he could have fought against Mr. Henry if he wanted to. That being said, if word about Ms. Windt’s true identity got out, she’d be doomed!”

“Yeah.” Bruce nodded. “I think Mr. Nacht made the right call to ensconce her in Coldbridge for two years. In the meantime, Mr. Nacht can come up with a way to bring her back. If he doesn’t comply now and insists on going against Mr. Nacht, there will be a risk of the news leaking out. Not to mention, Ms. Nacht would definitely take this chance to add insult to injury, and the consequences would be unimaginable.”

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