Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort Chapter 660

Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort by Mr. Magnate

Chapter 660

“Understood…” Ben let out a deep sigh. “Mr. Nacht is trying his best here. It’s a shame that Ms. Windt doesn’t know about it. She must have an aversion toward him now.”

“Not only that, his three children will resent him too.” Bruce shook his head. “All that pressure piling up on him and yet, he has to endure it all on his own.”

After their little chit-chat, the two of them continued with their work.

Although they knew that it was infructuous, they did as they were told anyway. They were sure that Henry’s men would stop them sooner or later.

When that time comes, Mr. Henry will have to deal with Mr. Nacht himself.

In order to protect Charlotte, Zachary would have to compromise for now, even if he was reluctant.

All that was left for him to do now was to dawdle and wait until Charlotte’s past was erased without a trace. Only then would the Nacht family return back to normal.

Moreover, Zachary could then start to deal with the Lindberg Corporation using commercial means in hopes of overthrowing them someday.

When the Lindberg Corporation wasn’t a hindrance anymore, Zachary could then go and get Charlotte back.

Unfortunately, that day wasn’t coming any time soon.

Zachary was cognizant of what he got himself into right from the start. How could he not have known? That was why he was so stressed out.

Meanwhile, at the Garden Villa in the northern suburbs, Spencer was pushing Henry, who was in a wheelchair, out of the children’s bedroom and into the study.

With a serious look on his face, Henry lowered his eyes while he was deep in thought. “I was having a lot of fun with the kids just now. Why did you interrupt me?”

Spencer was observing Henry’s expression carefully as he asked, “Jamie and Ellie are still oblivious to the situation, but not Robbie. Just now, he asked me about his mother. He wanted to know the details about his mother’s sickness and which hospital she’s in. If this keeps up, the smart boy will find out the truth about his mother soon…”

Henry tensed up upon hearing that with a worried expression on his face.

“They are still young, so they won’t pay mind to it,” Spencer murmured. “Perhaps they will be grief- stricken for a while, but they’ll forget about it as they grow up.”

“Let’s hope so.” Mr. Nacht sighed. “I don’t care about the others. I just want the three of them to be safe from harm.”

“Yes.” Spencer understood that he meant well. “It seems like any path that we choose will inevitably lead to sadness.”

“God help us all!” Mr. Nacht exclaimed.

“Mr. Nacht.” At this moment, a maid rushed in to report to Henry, “Mr. Blackwood is here.”

“It’s already quite late in the night. Why is he here?” Henry made a frowning face. “Bring him to the study.”


Spencer helped Henry to the first floor, where the study room was located. Upon seeing Henry, Taylor, who was sipping a cup of tea on the sofa, immediately stood up to salute him. “Mr. Nacht.”

“Please sit.” Mr. Nacht gestured for him to take his seat. “Taylor, it’s already so late. Do you have something urgent to tell me?”

Taylor lowered his head and pondered for a bit before replying, “There are things that I shouldn’t intervene and talk about. However, I feel the need to tell you something as it could pose a serious problem.”

“Tell me.” Mr. Nacht signaled him to talk.

“A while ago, Zachary brought Ms. Windt with him to attend Hector and Helena’s wedding. If I’m not mistaken, Mr. Lindberg of the Lindberg family was also there…”

Before Taylor could finish his sentence, Henry’s expression changed drastically. “What?”

“But of course, they might not have met each other,” Taylor hastily added. “Mr. Lindberg was constantly hiding in the shadows, afraid of showing his face. Do you think perhaps.”

“Start investigating immediately,” Henry ordered.

“Yes.” Spencer quickly went to carry out his instruction.

“The thought just recently crossed my mind.” Taylor whispered, “I’d assume that Mr. Lindberg didn’t get a good look at Ms. Windt, or else he would’ve taken action by now. Perhaps he only saw her silhouette.”

“If he did see her, it’ll all be over.” Henry’s face had turned ghastly.

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