Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort Chapter 675

Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort by Mr. Magnate

Chapter 675

Meanwhile, in the Lindberg residence in Erihal.

Danrique used every connection he had and switched out team after team of doctors before finding a competent team of medical experts to attend to Charlotte.

After undergoing the three-month-long treatment, the poison that ensnared Charlotte from within was finally eliminated from her body.

The only catch was that due to the side effects of the drugs used and certain psychological factors, there were severe repercussions after the treatment.

Charlotte had lost her memory.

Memories of her life after coming of age had completely faded away, and all that she could remember was her father, Mrs. Berry, and her happy childhood.

In addition to that, Charlotte would suffer from an excruciating headache on stormy days.

However, none of that seemed to matter at all. After all, Charlotte was going to start her life afresh.

Danrique had employed a team of experts to train Charlotte to become an all-rounded adult. They began coaching her from square one, imparting all sorts of skills and knowledge on business management. He was determined to mold her into a proper member of the Lindberg family.

Two year later…

At an auction house in H City.

After a few years of rapid city development, H City had emerged as the richest city in the country with the most economic activities. Every inch of land was as valuable as gold, and real estate developers had lain their fingers on every last piece of land in the city. There was almost no land for more development

And so, the latest project in the South Sea region had become the most desirable project ever, and investors from all over the globe were in a heated fight over it.

At the auction that day, not only were a few pieces of land in the South Sea area on sale, but the ownership over the entire South Sea area itself was also being auctioned off!

As one might have expected, many companies had sent their representatives to participate in the bidding, including the industry giant, Divine Corporation.

However, the president of Divine Corporation, Zachary, had been kept a relatively low profile for the past few years, refusing to appear in the public eye most of the time, so the representatives sent out by Divine Corporation were the newly-elected vice president, Lucy, and Johann Sterk, who was one of the founders.

The atmosphere at the auction house was heated and hectic. Everyone was in a fierce competition to obtain the ultimate prize. The representatives from Divine Corporation arrived ten minutes late but still became the center of attention when they showed up.

The bid for ownership over the South Sea area had already begun. By then, the price had skyrocketed up to two hundred billion, and the investors at the scene were hesitating to list a higher price.

Only a businessman named Mr. Sanchez, who was new to the industry, raised the price to two hundred and five billion.

At that very moment, those from Divine Corporation made their move. Under Johann’s instructions, Lucy raised her paddle and announced their bid, “Two hundred and fifty billion!”

Instantly, the entire auction house went silent. Divine Corporation’s bid was simply too shocking. In the previous bids, the prices only increased by five billion with each consecutive bid, and that was already rather nerve-racking in itself. Still, Lucy raised the price by an outrageous forty-five billion at one go!

No one could possibly bid against her.

It was an expected outcome. After all, the Nacht Group was filthy rich.

Mr. Sanchez, who had made the previous bid, pursed his lips with a disappointed expression and glanced at the representatives from Divine Corporation before he sat back down.

He knew that he was no match for them.

“Two hundred and fifty billion going once!”

“Two hundred and fifty billion going twice!”

“Two hundred and fifty billion going…”

“Three hundred billion!”

All of a sudden, the crisp voice of a young lady resounded in the room, cutting off the auctioneer mid-sentence.

Everyone was stunned. Heads began turning toward the entrance of the auction house. Eight female bodyguards in black entered the room and lined up in two neat rows, leaving a path in between.

A moment later, a mysterious-looking woman sashayed into the room.

Donning a fitted white suit with her hair tied up in a casual low ponytail, the young lady wore light, natural makeup that accentuated her sharp, gorgeous features, exuding the aura of a queen.

The young lady who had just made her flashy appearance instantly became the center of attention at the auction house.

“Oh, my god!” Lucy was appalled by what she saw. Gasping in shock, she whispered, “Isn’t she… Ms. Windt?”

Johann also widened his eyes in surprise, fixing his gaze on the young lady who had just entered the room without even blinking. Unable to believe what he had just seen, he rubbed his eyes and looked again.

The young lady had already walked past them and elegantly sat down in the seat beside them. The words “Lindberg Corporation” were written on her paddle.

“It’s the representative from Lindberg Corporation!” The room buzzed with excitement. “The legendary Mr. Lindberg never shows his face! So, who is this young lady?”

“Could it be his fiancee?”


“Ms. Lindberg offers three hundred billion, any other bidders?” the auctioneer exclaimed excitedly.

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