Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort Chapter 676

Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort by Mr. Magnate

Chapter 676

All eyes were fixed on the representatives of Divine Corporation. After all, only the Nacht group would be capable of competing with Lindberg Corporation.

Lucy quickly returned to her senses and whispered into Johann’s ear, “Mr. Nacht instructed us not to bid any higher than two hundred and sixty billion. Shall we consult with him?”

“Call him,” Johann replied.

“Understood.” Lucy immediately strode off to a corner and dialed Zachary’s number.

Everyone at the scene anticipated the Nacht Group’s next move, but the young lady from Lindberg Corporation seemed rather impatient. Raising her eyebrows, she made a bold statement, “What? Are we giving them time to hold an emergency meeting?”

“Well…” The auctioneer turned to look at the organizer of the auction.

The organizer smiled awkwardly and explained, “That’s not the case.” But he trailed off as he met the young lady’s cold, piercing stare.

“According to the standard protocol, the longest we can wait is sixty seconds,” the organizer of the auction quickly added.

The imposing young lady then did a gesture.

Immediately, the organizer gave his response, “The countdown starts now!”

“Okay.” With that, a digital timer appeared on the projector screen.

Concurrently, the auctioneer announced, “Lindberg Corporation offers three hundred billion. Any other bidders?”

No one in the room dared make a bid. Some even kept their paddles and made themselves comfortable in their seats as they waited to watch the final showdown.

Meanwhile, Johann sneaked a few glances at the lady from Lindberg Corporation. Her face was the same as that of Charlotte years ago, but the aura she exuded was completely different.

The domineering and haughty demeanor she had displayed previously could not have been done by Charlotte, the good-willed but clumsy girl.

So who the hell is she?

While Lucy watched the digital timer intently, she felt increasingly anxious as each second ticked by. “Mr. Nacht, please answer the phone… Please answer the phone!” She mumbled to herself.

On the other hand, the charismatic lady from Lindberg Corporation simply sat on the sofa and twirled her wine glass with grace as she waited for the last thirty seconds to tick by.

Her lips were slightly curled up. “It seems like Divine Corporation isn’t all too serious about bidding for this particular piece of land. So why are we still wasting time like this?” she taunted.

“Young lady, our president has been keeping a low profile for personal reasons, not because he isn’t serious about business. Let us compete fairly at this auction. We’ll abide by the rules, so please have patience.” Johann sounded rather cordial and calm.

“I’m not impatient.” The young lady smirked, raising an eyebrow. “It’s just that even if Zachary Nacht were here, he wouldn’t be able to pay three hundred billion!”

As soon as she uttered her last sentence, the atmosphere in the room became awkward.

After all, the Nacht Group had stayed on top in the industry for many years, so nobody dared to even offend them in the slightest.

Therefore, everyone was surprised when the young lady had the guts to utter really bold words.

However, it was not an entirely unthinkable turn of events since she was from the Lindberg family.

The Lindberg family and the Nacht family were sworn rivals. Their assets and influence were comparable, so they were never afraid to compete with each other. For the past twenty years, the two families prospered peacefully without any direct confrontations, but the young lady of the Lindberg family seemed keen on breaking the peace.

“Young lady, that is no way to speak!” Johann’s brows were furrowed, and he turned a little more stern. “The Nacht Group…”

“Oh, you’re so noisy!” The young lady was also frowning with an irritated look. “Is the time up yet?”

“Ms. Lindberg, there’s ten more seconds,” the female bodyguard reported.

On the stage, the auctioneer tried to liven up the room once more. “Lindberg Corporation offers three hundred billion. Any other bidders?”

There was no response.

“If there’s no other bidder, we shall just wait for Divine Corporation’s response.” The auctioneer turned to look at Johann.

Johann gave Lucy a steely look.

Lucy pointed at her phone with beads of sweat dripping from her forehead. Her call had not gone through yet. Mr. Nacht should be at the company at this time, but why isn’t he picking up?

“Three seconds left.” The auctioneer announced.

“Can’t we wait a little longer…” Just as Lucy uttered those words, Zachary finally answered the call…

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