Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort Chapter 677

Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort by Mr. Magnate

Chapter 677

“Hey!” Zachary exclaimed in a serious voice.

“The Lindberg Corporation has upped their bid to thirty billion. What should we do now?” Lucy asked. “The Lindberg?” Zachary raised his brows. “Danrique Lindberg?”

“No, it’s.”

“Time’s up!” The girl interrupted all of a sudden. She looked up at them with a scowl. “Are you all trying to buy time for the Nacht Group?”

“Oh, no, no, no…” The person in charge immediately explained, “I noticed Ms. Wright has made a call.”

“So what?” The girl bellowed. “Start your chant right now!”

“Yes, Miss.” The person in charge instantly gave the host a hand signal to proceed.

“All right. Thirty billion going once!”

“Thirty billion going.”

“What do we do? Should we?” Lucy panicked, “Mr. Nacht.”

Zachary froze for a bit and finally asked, “Who’s that person?”

She’s. Going thrice!

“Mr. Nacht, we’re running out of time! Should we…”


Before Lucy could complete her sentence, the deal was sealed.

Everyone there was stupefied. The Nacht Group had lost in a bid for the very first time. It was also Lindberg Corporation’s very first auction in the country, and it was a successful one.

This also meant that the Lindberg Corporation had checkmated the Nacht Group for the very first time!

“Congratulations to the Lindberg Corporation for securing the South Sea territorial waters,” the host announced, “We’ll be contacting your company to make the necessary arrangements.”

“Thanks!” The girl curled into a smile and walked out of the building, looking awfully smug.

Everyone in the hall started giving her a big round of applause.

They were all dumbstruck upon witnessing how the Nacht Group lost a bid to a young girl.

They were also impressed by her steadiness during the bid. It was as if the Nacht did not intimidate her at all.

Miss!” Johann ran up to her.

“Yes, Mr. Sterk?” The girl turned around and asked respectfully but with an aloof expression.

“If I may ask, are you Charlotte Windt?” Johann whispered in her ear.

“I’m a Lindberg.” The girl smirked. “Charlotte Lindberg!”

The girl then strode across the hall and left. Johann looked at her back and was stunned.

“Mr. Sterk!” Lucy ran up to him. “Mr. Nacht is coming over right now, and she wants me to stop the girl from leaving. What did she say?”

“I asked if she’s Charlotte Windt, but she said her name is Charlotte Lindberg.” Johann shook his head in disbelief. “Not only do they look alike, but they even share the same first name.”

“That must be her.” Lucy immediately ran after the girl.

Charlotte looked extremely charming when she walked out of the hall with eight female bodyguards behind her.

Before they got into the car, Lucy shouted from a stone’s throw away. “Ms. Charlotte!”

Charlotte stopped walking. She turned around and looked at Lucy indifferently.

“Ms. Charlotte! I’m Lucy Wright, the vice president of the Divine Corporation. Do you remember me?’ Lucy panted after a slow jog.

“Why should I remember you?” Charlotte said in a cold voice.

“I…” Lucy froze for a bit and immediately apologized, “I’m sorry. What I’m trying to say is, Mr. Nacht wishes to get to know you better.

“Is it possible for you to wait a while? He’s on his way here now.”

“Zachary Nacht?” Charlotte raised her brows.

“Yes, that’s right.” Lucy nodded repeatedly.

“Ask him to make an appointment with my secretary then.” Without hesitation, Charlotte turned around and got into her car wered the call..

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