Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort Chapter 680

Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort by Mr. Magnate

Chapter 680

Bang! Both cars crashed into each other and stopped at the same time.

The collision was so strong that it caused a dent in the hoods of both cars.

Bodyguards from both cars got down and walked toward each other steadily.

“We’re in a hurry, so we’ll not pursue this matter any further. Move,” the female bodyguard said before Ben could say anything.

“Excuse me?” Ben instantly expressed dismay. “We’re driving on the straight road, and you’re the one who made an illegal turn. You should move instead!”

Ben had never met someone as arrogant as this woman in his life.

“Are you done talking?” the female bodyguard sneered while clenching her fists, “You’re not going to move, are you?”

“You want to fight, huh?” Ben straightened his back and approached her.

How dare this woman challenge me? Does she know I’m the top bodyguard of the Nachts?

“Ben!” Zachary called. “Stop it. Let’s go.”

“All right.” Ben gave the female bodyguard a sullen glare. “Count yourself lucky!”

“Get out of my face, wuss,” she sneered.

The color drained out of Ben’s face. Just when he was about to explode, the female bodyguard turned around and returned to her car.

Her outrageous behavior caused a vortex of anger to swirl inside Ben. “I would have taught her a lesson if I’m not in a hurry…”

Before he could complete his sentence, the person at the passenger seat behind winded down the window.

Ben gasped upon seeing that familiar face.

Charlotte took a sidelong glance at the cars. Upon realizing they were at fault, she frowned and instructed her bodyguard to reverse.

The bodyguard immediately reversed and made way for Ben.

“Ms. Windt!” Ben exclaimed.

Zachary was dumbstruck. He instantly winded down his window and looked at the person in the car. Indeed, it was the woman he missed the most – Charlotte Windt!

Her face, her eyes, and her dark silky hair. I can even smell her scent from afar.

Though her dressing style and the way she carried herself were different, Zachary knew for sure she was Charlotte Windt!

Zachary could hardly breathe anymore. He immediately opened the car door and mumbled, “Charlotte.”

Yet, the Rolls-Royce Phantom made a quick turn into a minor road and was nowhere to be found anymore.


A few cars almost knocked Zachary down when he started running after them.

All the cars on the busy road started honking Zachary. He had no choice but to take a few steps back.

“Mr. Nacht…” Ben got down and pulled him aside, “Come on, let’s go to the school first.”

Zachary was very agitated. He knew that was Charlotte. The love of his life had finally returned.

Meanwhile, one of the female bodyguards who sat beside the driver suddenly made a remark, “That person looks like Zachary from the Nacht Group!”

Charlotte looked up and stared at the man from the rear mirror.

She could not see his face clearly, but when she looked at his body from a distance, she somehow thought he looked familiar.

An indescribable feeling surged through her all of a sudden.

She clenched her upper chest and knitted her brows. “Danrique said we’re Nacht’s enemy. I guess I’ve already developed feelings of hatred toward him.”

“I should have rammed into his car harder had I known it was him,” the driver said in frustration.

“Don’t worry.” Charlotte squinted while looking at the man. “We can take them down slowly in the future.”

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