Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort Chapter 682

Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort by Mr. Magnate

Chapter 682

“All three of you know me too well.” Zachary smiled wryly. “I did try my best to choose the most special ones, though…”

“It’s just different types and models.” Robbie rolled his eyes at him. “Never mind. I’ve lost hope in you already, Daddy.”

“What do you like? Tell me. I’ll get someone to buy for you now,” Zachary asked right away.

“That’s not a surprise gift anymore!” Jamie shook his head and patted Zachary’s shoulder like an adult. “It’s okay, Daddy. We’re happy that you bought us gifts.”

“Yeah. I actually like this doll. Look! It’s a unique doll from Chanaea.” Ellie showed everyone her gift. She then started using her fingers to count. “She’s the thirty-ninth member of my doll family!”

“Daddy promise to surprise you with interesting gifts in the future, okay?” Zachary felt he needed to take this matter more seriously. He wanted the triplets to enjoy their gifts.

“The orientation is going to end soon. Come on, let’s go.” Robbie could not wait to leave the hall.

To him, a ceremony like this was just a waste of time. He only attended the orientation to support Ellie.

“All right, let’s go.” Zachary wanted to place the children on his shoulders, but they immediately turned him down.

“We’re elementary school kids now. We can’t ride on Daddy’s shoulders anymore.” Jamie seemed to enjoy putting on a mature front.

He took a glance at the girls around her and whispered, “There are so many pretty girls in the school. I don’t want them to think that I’m a Daddy’s boy and run away from me.”

Zachary instantly burst into laughter. “Daddy’s boy!”

“Jamie, do you remember the promise you made during your kindergarten graduation? You promised to marry Sasha when you grow up.” Ellie raised her brows and teased, “You even wrote her a bunch of love letters.”

“We’re in elementary school now. It’s time to move on!” Jamie shot daggers at Ellie and said in a serious voice, “Besides, how many of us actually remember the stupid things we did as kids?”

“What an unfaithful young man,” Robbie sighed.

“Exactly.” Ellie pouted and gave Jamie a disdainful look.

“You should learn to be as faithful as Daddy.” Zachary gently patted the back of Jamie’s head.

“As faithful as you?” Robbie suddenly questioned, “What about Ms. Cynthia?”

Upon hearing that, Zachary froze for a bit. He never had this discussion with the children before as he always thought they were too young to understand anything. Apparently, they were aware of everything.

In the last two years, Henry had wiped out all of Charlotte’s records and replaced her with Cynthia.

Though the children did not know about this, they could feel Cynthia had been visiting the Nacht residence more frequently and constantly trying to please Zachary.

The triplet did not have the heart to detest Cynthia as she always seemed frail and soft-spoken.

What they did instead was keeping a distance away from her.

Now that the children had grown up, they began to understand adults a little better. They knew Henry was trying to matchmake Cynthia with their father.

This topic got Jamie and Ellie all serious. They tilted their heads and looked at Zachary.

A line formed between Jamie’s brows, and he asked directly, “Daddy, do you like Ms. Cynthia?”

“Will you marry her?” Ellie held Zachary’s hand and asked with a frown.

“No.” Zachary shook his head. “Your Mommy is the only love of my life.”

Robbie heaved a sigh of relief. “I have been dreaming about Mommy lately. I think she’s going to come back soon.”

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