Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort Chapter 683

Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort by Mr. Magnate

Chapter 683

“Yeah, me too!” Ellie raised her hand and said, “I dreamed about Mommy and Mrs. Berry too. In my dream, Mrs. Berry woke me up in the morning, and Mommy was making hot cross bunnies in the kitchen.”

“I remember the hot cross bunnies Mommy made were a little salty.” Jamie felt a little dispirited all of a sudden. “If they ever come back, I promise to eat all Mommy’s salty hot cross bunnies and uncooked mac and cheese and drink her watermelon juice that smells like onion.”

“Me too.” Robbie raised his head and looked at Zachary. “We might be young, but Mommy and Mrs. Berry are always on our mind.”

“I miss them very much too.” Zachary rubbed Robbie’s head. “Don’t worry, Mommy’s going come home soon.”

Henry had once said children would not remember anything that happened before the age of three. The triplets, he believed, would forget who Charlotte was and embrace a new mother in no time.

Two years had passed, yet these three little ones had never forgotten Charlotte. They had been waiting for her to return.

What a coincidence for the little one to dream of their mother when she had made an unexpected appearance!

“Daddy…” Upon seeing the woman at the car park, Ellie stopped walking.

Zachary looked up and saw Cynthia standing next to his car with a lot of gifts. She instantly smiled the moment she saw the four of them from afar.

Robbie knitted his brows and pulled his hand away from Zachary.

Jamie, who was playing his Rubik’s Cube, wondered why they stopped walking. But upon seeing Cynthia, he, too, froze on the spot.

Cynthia ran in their direction and gave all the gifts to the children.

Initially, they wanted to turn down the gifts, but after seeing how sincere and delighted she was, they had no choice but to accept them. “Thank you.”

Cynthia was all smiles and gestured with her hands. “All of you are elementary school pupils now. Let me know if you need any help in your studies, okay?”

Though Cynthia had a speaking disability, she held doctorate degrees in Medicine and Education and was also a top psychologist in the field.

Her impressive credentials were why Henry chose her to substitute Charlotte when the latter had gone missing.

Henry liked her not only because she was weak and unable to speak. More importantly, he thought she was capable of educating the children.

“Thank you!” The triplets did not know what else to say anymore.

“Thanks. You can go home now.” Zachary responded with a gesture.

Ben came up and took Cynthia to the car.

She grinned at the children, waved them goodbye, and followed Ben to the car.

The three little ones heaved a sigh of relief after she had left.

Ellie pursed her lips and said, “Ms. Cynthia is quite a nice lady. I’d have been friends with her if she’s not trying to replace Mommy.”

“Yeah. She always prepared nice gifts for us, and we felt too awkward to even reject her.” Jamie frowned.

“Daddy, you must do something,” Robbie said straight to the point, “If you don’t like her and don’t intend to marry her, you have to tell her not to waste her time and effort. It would be extremely awkward for everyone when Mommy returns.”

“You’re right.” Zachary nodded.

In fact, he had made it clear to Cynthia before. Yet, she told him she was doing it of her own free will and not expecting anything in return.

Her response had rendered Zachary speechless.

Now that Charlotte had returned, Zachary felt he needed to have another talk with her. He hoped she could keep a distance away from him and the children.

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