Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort Chapter 684

Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort by Mr. Magnate

Chapter 684

Henry was waiting for them in the living hall when they reached home. He, too, flew all the way from the M Nation and prepared gifts for the triplets.

“Great-grandpa!” Jamie and Ellie ran toward Henry as they were thrilled to see him in the house.

Robbie, on the other hand, responded more calmly.

“Hey!” Henry’s lips curled into a smile upon seeing the children.

Henry’s health had deteriorated over the last two years. At the age of ninety-eight, he was now fully wheelchair-bound. He should be grateful that he was still able to enjoy the company of his great-grandchildren at this age.

“When did you come back, Great-grandpa?” Ellie immediately kneeled beside Henry and massaged his leg.

“Why don’t you stay with us since you’ve not been feeling well lately? We’ll be here to take care of you,” Jamie massaged his shoulders and said.

Robbie sat beside them for a moment and said icily, “I have to go upstairs to finish some work now, Great-grandpa.”

Without hesitation, he went upstairs right away.

Henry’s expression turned grim upon seeing how cold Robbie was.

Jamie and Ellie might not know the truth, but Robbie knew that their mother left because of Henry.

Robbie knew Henry treated them well, but he could not forgive him for forcing their mother to leave the family. At the same time, there was nothing much he could do because he was just a child.

Hence, being emotionally distant was Robbie’s only way to express his dismay.

“You didn’t have to fly all the back for just a small occasion. Are you tired?” Zachary asked impassively.

He used to enjoy talking to Henry in the past but not anymore.

“They’re in elementary school now. I should come back and celebrate their big day.” A sudden frown warped Henry’s face. “I heard the Lindberg Corporation got their hands on the territorial waters of the South Sea?”

“Let’s talk about work in the study.” Zachary gently patted Jamie’s and Ellie’s shoulders and said, “It’s late now. Go and sleep now.”


“Goodnight, Great-grandpa! Goodnight, Daddy!”

“Goodnight, kids.”

After the children had returned to their room, Spencer wheeled Henry to the study.

Zachary changed into fresh clothes and sat down. Ben walked up and served him a glass of iced wine.

“You still drink?” Henry looked up at him with a scowl. “Have you forgotten the pain you experienced from your stomach bleeding?”

The first six months after Charlotte’s disappearance was hell for Zachary. He could neither eat nor sleep in peace, and he spent his days abusing alcohol and drown in misery. His excessive drinking had taken a toll on his health. It was so bad that he suffered gastrointestinal bleeding and had to be rushed to the hospital.

Henry accompanied him in the hospital the entire night. He was so worried for Zachary that he had aged overnight.

That day onward, Henry had toned down quite a lot and was no longer as domineering as he was before. He would turn a blind eye to Zachary’s actions as long as he knew his limits.

“Just a little!” Zachary seemed to be in a good mood and was not as aloof as before. “Why didn’t you bid for the South Sea’s territorial waters personally? Don’t you know it’s important?” Henry brought up this topic once again as he was not pleased with Zachary’s action.

Henry continued, “The Lindberg Corporation had been eyeing on the territorial waters for two years, but thankfully, we managed to weaken their power by subduing their alliance – the Browns, the Sterlings, and the Blackwoods.”

“How can you allow them to make a comeback? Are you not aware of it?” Henry frowned. “I heard Danrique sent a young girl to the auction, and she has instantly become the talk of the town in the business world after winning the bid.”

“You investigated her?” Zachary knitted his brows. He did not want Henry to know the girl was Charlotte as he was afraid that Henry would sabotage his plan.

“What is there to investigate?” Henry expressed his dissatisfaction. “The news about that young girl has spread like wildfire.”

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