Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort Chapter 687

Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort by Mr. Magnate

Chapter 687

“What are you looking at?” As Henry was playing cards with Jamie and Ellie, his gaze fell on Spencer, who had lifted up the gardens to peer out of the window.

“There was a car that looked similar to ours, and it passed by us just now. It was silver in color,” Spencer said in a hushed voice. “I watched them drive down to the west villa of Northridge.”

Henry looked rather stunned. Frowning, he said, “Only seven models of this car have ever been produced, and it’s so expensive that not everyone can afford it. I think… the person you saw was from the Lindberg family!”

Danrique Lindberg’s personality was as eccentric as his name. He liked all of his cars to be silver in color.

Meanwhile, the Nacht family had a staunch preference for black-colored cars.

“That can be true!” Spencer exclaimed, looking shocked. “Danrique Lindberg has always kept his location a secret, and he values his privacy more than his own life! Why would he deign to come and live next door to Mr. Zachary?”

Henry looked rather grim. “Go and investigate this,” he ordered.

“Yes, Sir.” Spencer immediately gave a call to one of his subordinates and told them to look into the matter.

Jamie looked up at Henry and cocked his head to the side curiously. “Great-grandpa, who are the Lindbergs? Are they very powerful?”

“They’re the arch-enemy of our Nacht family,” Henry said, looking at Jamie with a serious expression. “In the future, make sure to stay clear of anyone with the surname Lindberg. Don’t even try to get close to them, am I clear?”

“Of course not!” Jamie said, nodding his head vigorously. His face had clouded over, as though the very thought of his family’s greatest enemy put him in a bad mood.

“Do we really have arch-enemies?” Ellie asked, frowning slightly. Looking rather confused, she continued, “Isn’t our family the most powerful one on earth? I heard Daddy is super strong— more powerful than Superman himself!”

Henry choked on his drink and nearly spat it out at once. He coughed loudly and banged on his chest. “Great-grandpa…” Immediately, Jamie stood up and ran over to him. Patting Henry’s back, he asked concernedly, “Are you alright?”

“Ellie, you’re so cute! That made me laugh so hard that I choked! Haha!”

Still clutching his chest, Henry bent over and wheezed with laughter.

“Haha, children’s words carry no harm!” Spencer said, joining in the laughter. “Don’t take it to heart, Mr. Nacht.”

“Oh, did I say something wrong?” Ellie asked, feeling a little embarrassed. Her face flushing scarlet, she muttered, “My teachers, friends, Mrs. Berry, and everyone else around the house tells me that Daddy is really strong. I didn’t think there could be anyone more powerful than him on this planet.”

“Yes, that’s what I thought too,” Jamie said seriously. “I always thought only Robbie might be able to surpass Daddy in the future!”

“Robbie is a very talented boy, and he’s bound to surpass his own father and mentor one day,” Henry mused, a look of pride appearing on his face as he thought about the boy. “However, the world is a very big place, and there will be people who are good enough to rival your Daddy.”

“Are you talking about that person from the Lindberg family?” Jamie asked curiously, leaning closer to him. “Are they male or female? How old are they? Are they mean?”

“Are you a fool?” Ellie asked, rolling her eyes at him. Looking at Jamie as though he was an idiot, she continued, “Didn’t Great-grandpa say they are our arch-enemy? Of course they’re horrible people.’ “The people of the Lindberg family are very dangerous,” Henry reminded them again sternly. “If you bump into them by accident, make sure to cross over to the other side of the street immediately. Don’t believe a single word they say. Is that clear?”

“Got it!” the two children replied, nodding frantically.

Spencer, who had been listening to their conversation by the side, felt a little worried. Henry was so serious about this matter because he was afraid that the Lindberg family would fight for custody of the children once they figured out that the blood of the Lindbergs flowed in Ellie, Robbie, and Jamie’s veins.

However, how long could they hide something like this for?

Thankfully, Robbie wasn’t here today. Otherwise, he would have lots of questions for Henry and might have stumbled upon a nasty fact by accident…

“Inform Zachary about this,” Henry ordered, looking very anxious.

“Yes, Sir.” Spencer made a call to Ben and told him everything that had happened.

At that moment, Zachary’s car was already pulling into the company’s parking lot. Ben hung up the phone immediately and quickly reported the matter to him.

Hearing this, Zachary felt rather stunned. “What? Did you say they’ve just moved into Northridge? Could it be Charlotte?”

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