Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort Chapter 688

Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort by Mr. Magnate

Chapter 688

“We’re not sure about it yet,” Ben replied. “Mr. Spencer has already sent someone to investigate this.”

“Call him back immediately,” Zachary ordered urgently. “Tell him I’ve already sent Bruce to keep an eye on the Northridge occupant and tell him and his men not to intervene.”

“Yes, Sir.” Ben gave Spencer a call immediately.

Hearing Ben’s words, Spencer clamped a hand over the receiver and said to Henry, “Mr. Zachary says that he has already sent Bruce to settle this matter, and he doesn’t want us to intervene in it.”

Henry frowned but nodded eventually. “Alright, then. Let him settle a small matter like this on his own.”

Spencer told Ben about Henry’s reply, and Ben passed the message on to Zachary.

Zachary finally let out a sigh of relief. He ordered, “Well, get Bruce to go look into the matter, then.”

“Yes, Sir.” Ben went and informed Bruce immediately.

Zachary adjusted the wedding band on his left ring finger, his eyes shining with anticipation. Perhaps Charlotte had returned this time so she could be closer to him and the kids…

Robbie was reading in the study room.

His aide came and reported, “Mr. Robinson, your global economics tutor is on his way here. However, because of the distance, he might only be here in about half an hour.”

Got it,” Robbie replied blandly.

The aide left.

Robbie finished reading the book on global economics, which was written entirely in English. Rubbing his temples, he got up and walked over to the windows, where he gazed out at the forest of trees in the distance. He felt the strain on his eyes lessen by the minute.

However, his gaze was attracted by a flash of silver some distance away…

Taking a closer look at the curious object, he realized that it was a car.

The Nacht family’s cars were all black in color, and the private doctors and tutors they hired were all ferried into the house by the family cars. Where had this silver-colored vehicle appeared from?

Had an unexpected guest arrived?

Robbie turned around and reached for his pair of binoculars. He peered through the lens at the silver object.

It was a silver-colored Rolls-Royce. Strangely enough, it was the same model as the Nacht family’s cars. The car pulled into Northridge, where it quickly disappeared beneath a huge canopy of trees.

However, since it was headed in that direction, Robbie could guess that it had headed into the west villa of Northridge.

He had once heard Ben say that there were two villas on Rokan Hill—one located in the east, and one located in the west.

The villa in the east was Robbie’s home, but the villa in the west had been empty for a long time. The new neighbors were probably moving in today.

From the make of their car, he could tell that whoever it was probably had a jaw-dropping net worth.

Robbie put down his binoculars and turned away from the window. The location and angle of this room meant that he could only see a small stretch of the ring circuit from there. If he wanted to see the west villa from this building, he would have to go to the pavilion.

However, spying on people was a dishonorable thing to do, and Robbie wasn’t much interested in it.

Without the tutor here, Robbie felt a little bored. Since he had already finished reading his book, he started fiddling around with his mechanical dove.

This was the new invention that he had been working on. He had bought the plastic dove at the toy store. When he got home, he had torn out its wires and attached a new remote control system to it.

He would then hurl the dove out of the window…

Robbie wanted to know how far this dove could fly, and whether it would be able to capture the sprawling scenery of Rokan Hill.

If it could, the dove would be much similar to a remote-controlled drone. However, his dove had many more interesting functions than an ordinary drone.

Robbie reached for his laptop and started running the special application he had installed on it.

Whatever the dove managed to record would be reflected on his screen in real-time.

He watched with delight as the image of his screen changed from the courtyard of the Nachts’ residence to a bird’s eye view of the entire house. Then, the house became a speck on his screen as the dove flew farther away. His screen filled with green as it flapped its wings over the surrounding forest, before flying upwards to capture a view of the Rokan Hill in its entirety.

Robbie’s lips curled into a satisfied smile. What a success!

Controlling the dove’s movement using his laptop, he wanted to see if the dove would be able to capture an image from a fixed point. Hence, he made the dove swerve and fly towards the west villa in Northridge.

He had no intention of spying on his neighbor— rather, he merely wanted to see how nimble his invention could be.

The dove flew towards the west villa, capturing a close-up shot of the silver-colored Rolls-Royce and a smattering of stern-looking bodyguards, who were hauling luggage into the house.

Another person with a pretty silhouette was making their way into the house, too. As though they had realized something, they turned around and stared straight at the dove…

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