Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort Chapter 691

Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort by Mr. Magnate

Chapter 691

On the public highway, two Rolls-Royces sped along the road, one black and one silver in color. They resembled two storm clouds that were racing each other down.

In fact, this seemed to have turned into some sort of competition. Both cars seemed to be competing to see who could reach the destination first.

“How fascinating!”

Inside the car, Zachary gave a small chuckle, his eyes filled with anticipation…

This woman had a habit of showing up in front of him in the most curious of ways. Every time she appeared, she managed to turn his entire life upside down.

The last time at Sultry Night, she had mistaken him for a gigolo and demanded that he compensated her.

This time, she had appeared as his business rival who was attempting to one-up him in everything.

Zachary wanted to know what sort of tricks she had up her sleeve this time.

Here, he mused that the games between them were becoming more and more intriguing.

Charlotte could toy with him as much as she pleased. However, she would never be able to escape from his grasp.

Both cars arrived at Ashenville Garden at the exact same time, kicking up a huge cloud of dust.

The parking lot was full of luxury cars. All the businessmen had already arrived with their bodyguards and were canvassing the field for other people to network with. It was very busy indeed.

However, when the two Rolls-Royce screeched to a deafening halt at the entrance, sending a strong gust of wind blowing into the carpark, they attracted everyone’s attention immediately.

Everyone stopped talking and turned to look at the Rolls-Royce, aghast.

One of the cars had a license plate that was embossed with a golden ‘N’, while the other one had a golden ‘L’ on it. Everyone knew who had arrived immediately.

The people from the powerful Nacht Group and Lindberg Corporation had arrived!

An excited murmur ran through the crowd. Everyone was full of anticipation. The arrival of the Nacht Group and Lindberg Corporation representatives had taken the conference up a notch.

The doors of the two cars swung open at the same time. The bodyguards in the passenger’s seat got out immediately and opened the door for the people in the backseat.

Zachary stepped out from the car, his jet-black suit shining like a diamond under the sun. He carried himself with the inherent aloofness of an important man, which drew everyone’s eyes towards him at once. His eyes were deep-set and narrowed, which gave him a rather severe look.

Meanwhile, a long pair of legs stepped out of the other car. A beautiful woman appeared, attired in a pair of black pants and a simple white blouse. However, because of the chic style of her clothes, she looked more stylish than businesslike.

Her face had a light dab of powder, and she wore a pair of pearl earrings on her ears. She had put her hair up in a knot, which accentuated the sharp look on her face. With her beautiful face that looked as though it had been crafted by the gods themselves, she became the belle of the ball immediately.

Everyone turned to gaze at her.

They looked rather shocked. Who was this beautiful, smart-looking girl that had appeared out of nowhere at all?

Meanwhile, Zachary was still reveling in the fact that he could finally see her up-close at last…

His heart was beating faster than ever as he tried to swallow the taste of bitterness in his mouth.

His suspicions were confirmed at last. This woman was Charlotte, and there was no doubt about it.

Mr. Potter, the person in charge of the conference, came hurrying up to them with his bodyguards in tow. “Welcome, Mr. Nacht and Ms. Lindberg!”

He shook hands with Zachary enthusiastically, before turning to Charlotte and saying, “Ms. Lindberg, your reputation precedes you. You’ve just entered the business world, but you have already had so many accomplishments under your belt. What a young talent!”

“Mr. Potter, you mustn’t say that!” Charlotte said, laughing mockingly. “What if Mr. Nacht gets angry? After all, all my achievements were built on the failures of the Nacht Group!”

Hearing this, the crowd fell silent immediately.

Color drained from the businessmen’s faces. They shot hasty looks at Zachary, silently castigating Charlotte for being so arrogant. How could she dare to challenge him like this in public?

Another murmur ran through the chagrined crowd.

Mr. Potter had achieved his position due to his great ability to converse with all sorts of people and make them feel at home. He was well-known for being able to talk his way out of anything, but even

Charlotte’s words rendered him completely speechless.

Looking rather awkward, he forced a smile onto his face and wiped the sweat from his brows with a shaky hand.

“The floor might be beneath our feet, but it fears us not, because we rely on it to stand firm on our feet.” Zachary smiled as he gazed straight at Charlotte. “Ms. Lindberg, you are young, and still have much to learn.”

This time, it was Charlotte who was left speechless. Evidently, Zachary was no amateur when it came to dissing people himself.

His words had a deeper meaning to them. He wanted to let everyone know that the Lindberg Corporation had beaten the Nacht Group this time only because the Nacht Group had let them. There was nothing jaw-dropping about Charlotte’s achievements at all.

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