Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort Chapter 86

Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort by Mr Magnate

Chapter 86

“You guys should be apologizing to Ms. Windt instead,” Raina stated coldly.

Amanda’s expression turned grim when she heard that; she was extremely reluctant to apologize to Charlotte.

However, after noticing Hector’s silence and Zachary’s domineering aura that reminded her of Hades, she had no choice but to bite the bullet and apologize. “Charlotte, I’m sorry for… “

“Mom, don’t apologize to her,” Luna quickly interrupted her while pointing at Charlotte. She then said in an agitated manner, “Mr. Nacht, there’s something you might not be aware of. Don’t be deceived by this woman’s innocent looks. She’s in fact a sl*t who drove her dad to his grave after hooking up with a gigolo at a nightclub four years ago. She even gave birth to that gigolo’s… “

Charlotte was startled and was about to stop her…

“Shut up!” Hector growled anxiously.

At the same time, a hard slap landed on Luna’s face. It wasn’t Hector who had hit her, but Amanda instead.

With one hand covering the side of her face that was hit, the woman looked at her mom incredulously. “Mom, you… why did you slap me?”

Hector was shocked by Amanda’s actions as well. He knew she had all along been extremely protective of Luna and pampered her with no boundaries. Why would she slap her?

Charlotte sneered when she saw that, realizing that she had really underestimated Amanda…

What a smart woman! She knows how to read a situation accurately and act accordingly without reservations!

“Behave yourself in front of Mr. Nacht!” Amanda chided Luna and turned towards Zachary while bowing deeply to him. “Mr. Nacht, we’re really so sorry for spoiling your good spirits today. Please don’t take it to heart and forgive us for our wrongdoings!”

Without sparing her a glance, Zachary held Charlotte’s hand and turned to leave…

Hector had a complicated and indescribable gaze in his eyes as he looked at Zachary and Charlotte walking away hand in hand.

He swiftly collected his thoughts and frowned at Amanda, saying, “Mom, I’ll get Owen to send the two of you back.”

“That won’t do. The auction just started. How can we leave now?” Amanda smiled and said, “Why don’t you go in first? I’ll talk to Luna and comfort her first. We won’t take long.”

“Sure.” Not wanting to waste his time and his breath of them, Hector left hurriedly.

“Hector… “ Luna wanted to grab her husband’s arms, but her mother held her back. “Stop your tantrums and listen to me.”

“Mom, why? Just why?” Luna was furious and trembling all over. “Why are you behaving like that?”

“Silly girl… “ Amanda hugged her daughter affectionately, feeling bad for the slap a while back. “Mom did such a thing for you. Think about it. What do you think the consequences would be if you had exposed Charlotte in front of so many people?”

“What consequences would there be?” Luna was unable to understand as she carried on, “Charlotte is hiding the fact that she’s already a mom from Mr. Nacht. After we tell him about it, he will teach her a good lesson and chase her away. I’m sure he will not want to have any further a*s*sociations with her after that. He’ll be thanking us for it. What other consequences could there possibly be?”

“Why are you so d*um*b… “ Amanda could not help but feel extremely disappointed with her daughter. “All men value their pride, especially a distinguished man like Zachary Nacht! If you expose Charlotte in front of so many of us, it’s as good as telling everyone that Zachary Nacht is a bad judge of character, which is a clear slap to his face!”

After hearing her mom’s explanation, Luna fell into a daze. Well, that seems to make some sense…

“By then, Charlotte would not be the only one who’s in trouble. The both of us; even the Sterlings and the Whites might be implicated,” Amanda elaborated urgently.

“I’ve heard a long time back that Zachary Nacht is like Hades in the business arena. As long as he’s determined to crush a company, no company would be able to survive the next day! Besides, he’s known for his ruthlessness and unforgiving ways. So, remember to never get onto his bad side.”

“Fine, I know… “ Her daughter pursed her lips and felt indignant. “Even if that’s the case, you didn’t have to slap me. You could have just told me to keep quiet.”

“If I didn’t do that, Hector would have done that himself.” Amanda frowned and continued, “A slap from him would be way more painful than what you received from me.”

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