Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort Chapter 88

Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort by Mr Magnate

Chapter 88

“Ten million, Mr. Sterling placed his bid for ten million…” The emcee announced.

“Eleven million, Mr. Cole has placed a bid for eleven million.”

“Thirteen million, Mr. Ziegler has placed a bid for thirteen million…”

Charlotte turned around and looked at the guests. The bidding situation was intense; all the businessmen present were actively placing their bids.

Even though there was a distance between her and the gemstones, Charlotte could tell that they were highly valuable…

“Do these belong to F Nation’s royalty?”

Even though she was not an expert, she could still recognize the authenticity of those gems.

“How were you able to tell?” Zachary asked.

“From the magnified images on the screen, we can see that the platinum engravings on the sides of the gemstones are symbolic of F Nation’s royalty… “ She examined in detail as she elaborated, “Judging by the handiwork, it should be crafted by a craftsman from F Nation’s royalty during ancient times. As such, I’m quite sure that these jewelry are prized treasures of F Nation’s royalty.”

“Well, it seems like you’re not that ignorant after all,” the man praised the woman with a look of admiration in his eyes.

“I know a little about it mainly because this necklace looks very much like the one I had sold off,” Charlotte sighed. “It feels like they are from the same collection. It’s just that mine is a sapphire necklace instead of a ruby necklace… “

“Are you talking about the ‘Heart of the Ocean’?” Zachary looked slightly startled.

“Yes, it was called the Heart of the Ocean,” Charlotte nodded. “You’ve heard of it?”

“How did you have that necklace?”

“My dad gave it to me. He might have gotten it from an overseas auction,” she replied casually. “I sold it for one million and two hundred thousand four years back when I was down and out because I ran out of options!”

Zachary was speechless when he heard that.

“What’s wrong?” Charlotte pressed on.

Ignoring her, Zachary signaled to Ben, who was seated next to him. Immediately after, the latter raised his bidding paddle and shouted, “Thirty million!”

Suddenly, the atmosphere in the hall grew tense. When the rest of the guests saw that Zachary was also interested in the item, they did not dare raise the bid any further.

“You’re the host. Is it appropriate for you to do this?” Charlotte leaned in closer to Zachary’s ear and asked, “Who else would dare to up the bid after you raised your paddle?”

He rolled his eyes at her and made a hand gesture.

The emcee said cheerfully, “Everyone, there’s no need to be so tensed up. Mr. Nacht is just joining in the fun. Please feel free to raise the bid if you really like the item. No matter what the outcome of tonight’s auction is, it will definitely not affect your business relations.”

Even though the emcee had given his rea*s*surance, no one dared to make any further move.

That was until the Sterlings’ bidding paddle was raised…

“Thirty-one million!” Luna announced her bid personally.

“What are you doing?” Amanda immediately pulled her daughter towards her seat. “Are you crazy?”

“They’ve already said that the auction would not affect business… “ the woman pouted and continued, “I really like that necklace. It matches my black evening dress very well.”

“But… “

“Mom,” Hector interrupted Amanda and said softly, “Since Luna likes it, let her bid for it.”

“Huh?” The latter could hardly believe her ears. That was one of the rare occasions where Hector had shown any support for Luna.

“I knew it! My darling is the best!” Luna beamed and gave her husband a peck on his cheeks.

Simon frowned. He was very well aware that Hector was doing that for the sake of his dignity and pride as a man.

Charlotte turned around instinctively after hearing the Sterlings’ bid and met Hector’s unfathomable gaze.

A surge of emotions rose within Hector as he looked at her. He would be willing to spend thirty-one million just for her to take one glance at him…

“What’s that b*tch looking at?” Luna stared at Charlotte.

The latter retracted her gaze and just when she was about to tell Zachary to stop bidding, Ben suddenly raised his paddle and exclaimed, “One hundred million!”

“Wow… “ Everyone gasped in shock.

The rest of the guests were all stunned. Such a declaration was expected of Zachary Nacht indeed. Once the man had his mind set on something, other people would not stand a chance.

As such, even if Hector had a hundred million, he did not dare to up the bid any further.

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