Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort Chapter 89

Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort by Mr Magnate

Chapter 89

“Is he crazy? One hundred million for one necklace?” Amanda was d*um*bstruck.

“What’s the big deal about one hundred million? My darling can afford that as well,” Luna scoffed as she raised her bidding paddle again.

“Put it down…” Simon swiftly pulled her hand down and said, “Are you trying to ruin Hector?”

“Dad, what are you doing…”

“Listen to your dad. Don’t do anything stupid,” Amanda reprimanded.

Even though Luna was outraged, she had no choice but to accept her fate.

“One hundred million going once, one hundred million going twice…”

“Are you mad? You’re paying one hundred million for one necklace?” Charlotte lowered her voice, hardly able to calm down. “Don’t you find it a waste of money?”

“Money is just a number.” The man remained unmoved.


“And the ruby necklace is sold at one hundred million!” The emcee banged the lectern to end the bidding.

A concierge dressed in an evening gown delivered the ruby necklace cautiously from the stage to Zachary.

The man took over the necklace and handed it to Charlotte at once. “This is for you!”

She was shocked. He purchased the ruby necklace at one hundred million, and he’s giving it to me?

Is he sure about this?

There was an uproar among the guests. Most of them were engaged in hushed discussions with their families, trying to figure out Charlotte’s ident*ity. They were wondering which rich or influential family the woman was from to be chosen by Zachary.

Most of the guests present did not know who she was, except for three of them.

Those three people did not dare to make a sound while they turned to look at Amanda, who shot them a look, beckoning them to expose Charlotte’s real ident*ity.

Two of the three guests were hesitant to do that. The other woman was Mary, the wife of Thomas, a distant relative of the Windt family.

Previously, Thomas had tried to lecture Charlotte at the Whites’ residences but had been retaliated by the woman. Thomas and Mary still had not gotten over it yet.

When Thomas saw Charlotte entering the auction hall earlier that night, he cursed a little under his breath before finding an excuse to smoke backstage.

As such, Mary was left alone in her seat. Initially, she was not keen to stir up any trouble, but Amanda rang her cell and kept repeating what had happened at the Whites’ residences that day. All the while emphasizing how Charlotte had disrespected them.

In addition, Amanda had also said, “Mr. Nacht is still kept in the dark. He’s completely oblivious to the kind of woman Charlotte is. I’m sure Mr. Nacht will be very appreciative of whoever exposes her now… “

With that thought in mind, Mary stood up and started walking towards the front row…

Amanda knew that her ploy had succeeded when she saw the woman approaching Zachary. The corners of her lips curled up into a smug sneer.

“Mom, what’s Mary doing?” Luna tugged at Amanda’s sleeves and asked, “Is she intending to… “

“Shh!” Amanda immediately covered her daughter’s mouth with her hands to stop her from talking. She gritted her teeth and growled, “Shut your mouth!”

“Mm, Mm!” Luna nodded continuously, unable to hide the excitement in her eyes.

“What are you two plotting again?” A crease appeared between Simon’s brows.

Hector had also noticed the mother-daughter pair behaving strangely but chose not to ask anything. He just wanted to look at Charlotte quietly.

The woman was currently at the center of everyone’s attention, looking just like a shining star.

It was the dream of countless heiresses to win the favor of Zachary, to marry into the Nacht family and be his woman!

No doubt, that was the greatest accomplishment of Charlotte’s life…

Media was usually not invited to any of Zachary’s functions – there was usually a rule to ban the distribution of any photos taken. If that were not the case, that night’s event would have definitely been the hottest topic in town.

Charlotte’s mind was in a state of chaos as she stared at the ruby necklace that was worth one hundred million.

She kept crossing and uncrossing her arms in front of her chest, and her breathing became quick and uneasy, accompanied by an increase in her heart rate…

“Do you want it or not?” Zachary frowned, looking impatient. “I’m going to throw it away if you’re not taking it!”

As the man spoke, he pretended as though he was about to toss the ruby necklace away…

“I want it! I want it!”

She snatched the necklace from him anxiously, and due to her state of panic, she lost her balance and fell into his arms.

He smiled and whispered into her ears in an intimate manner, “I like that you’re behaving so enthusiastically.”

“I… I didn’t fall on purpose… “

She turned red from her cheeks to the tip of her ears as she spoke, but her voice was drowned out by the round of applause which erupted from the guests.

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