The Beast And The Blessed by Ashley Breanne Chapter 139

The Beast And The Blessed by Ashley Breanne Book 2

The Warrior and The Witch by Ashley Breanne

Chapter 34 (Joselin’s P.O.V.)

“You’re coming with me,” I said as I walked past Tobias in the gym. The large stack of plates dropped loudly as he

released the rope he had been pulling. I didn’t need to look over my shoulder to know he was following me. I could feel him. His hands shot out, grabbing my waist and pulling my body back against his as we reached the training field outside.

His deep voice echoed through my mind, sending a shiver down my spine. ‘You can count on it. Then, after, we can go wherever you want.’

I smirked as I enjoyed his dirty mind. A quick afternoon delight would be welcomed, but I didn’t know how much time I had. Natalie would keep Rona distracted, but the redheaded witch would get suspicious if it were too long. That was the last thing I needed after she caught me with her blood.

“Down, boy,” I whispered, rubbing my ass against him suggestively. “Work now, reward later.”

He loosened his hold on me as I began to walk again, his fingers tips sl*ipping off my h*ips after a few steps.

Tobias had always been a great warrior. He took orders well and never asked questions. It wasn’t until we were alone that the roles were reversed, and he gave the orders.

He didn’t question my instructions; I knew he could feel my stress and determination to get this over with.

I had spoken to Natalie this morning, and she understood her assignment. She was t o keep Rona distracted and have Rona use her magic as much as possible while I was gone. Draining her energy would help me to get past any traps or wards she had placed without her noticing.

‘Let’s make this quick.’ I told him through our mate bond, feeling the light and joking man melt away until he returned to the usual hard and collected warrior. ‘I don’t want it to be noticed that we are gone if we can help it. Do you need to pack anything or want to change first? We should only be gone a few hours.”

I really hoped his answer was no. He looked so s*e*xy in his workout clothes. The way his muscles stretched the fabric and the light layer of sweat on him had me ready to climb him like a tree and l*ick the salt from his neck.

He shook his head, grabbing my hand, and I didn’t waste another second before teleporting us to the closest town’s border. I knew where Rona lived; she had taken over her mother’s house after she had drained her mother’s magic and killed her for her seat on the council.

The air was void of magic, and I had to assume that even if I didn’t feel it, she had at least one ward in place to protect her home.

We walked carefully away from the town, out past the edge of the forest, and through the thick trees before her cabin came into view. It was small, quant, and a little evil-looking.

The low layer of fog hiding her yard was out of place for the dry and warm morning. The green vines covering the east wall of her home were thicker than anything I had ever seen, and I imagined that if I got too close, they would strangle me without a second thought.

Tobias stopped, taking a deep breath before letting out a growl on exhale. He knew exactly where we were. I was sure that he could smell her. The rotten bitch.

Everything about her screamed that she was vile, and I was ready to celebrate the day she would meet her end.

With a twitch of my pinky finger at my side, a breeze cleared the yard of the fog. As it blew away, the sound of sizzling and trees crackling made my eyes widen. It only took a second before the leaves fell from the impacted trees. I should have suspected that she would play with poison. She was a snake.

The yard in front of her house was cute, with lush green grass and a brick pathway that led to her front door. It almost reminded me of the witch’s cottage in Hansel and Gretel. I wouldn’t have been surprised if Rona cooked and ate kids.

Like steam, the fog began to rise from the grass, filling the area once more. As the breeze blew it back into the trees, I picked up a rock and tossed it onto the cleared pathway. The stone had barely touched it when the ground opened and swallowed i t, closing immediately as if it never happened.

Either she trusted people less than I did or hid something huge, powerful, or incriminating inside that small cottage.

For the next hour, I fought against the dozens of traps she had in place, trying to get close enough to get into her house. Tobias looked ready to barrel through the yard and knock down the door, but it wouldn’t be that easy.

When one of the thick vines wrapped itself around me and smashed me against the hard ground, I was sure he would lose his mind, but he stopped when I freed myself with a laugh. Blood dripped down my face, but I wiped it with my shirt, careful to keep any from reaching the ground.

I did think a few ribs had broken, but that was nothing compared to some of the injuries I had faced before.

When I s*uc*ked myself down into the Earth and tried to come up in the middle o f her living room, I almost suffocated beneath the dirt as her house sat on a thick layer of cement. Going in through the roof was what triggered the vines to knock me out of the air and attempt to turn me into minced meat.

She was prepared, but I was determined. My stubbornness could outmatch hers any day.

“We should get you to a healer and come up with a new plan to get inside,” Tobias said, placing his hand on my cheek, but I shook my head.

I wouldn’t give up, but I was getting irrationally angry. A large rock, just bigger than my fist, stuck out to me, and I reached down and picked it up. Tobias narrowed his eyes at me as I smiled widely at him. If the house wouldn’t let us in without her, I would have to bring her with us.

Just as I prepared to teleport back to the castle and smash the rock into the back of her head, the air suddenly felt lighter. I hadn’t planned to kill her, just knock her out and use her body as a decoy to get into her home.

But it seemed I wouldn’t need to do that after all.

“What the hell?” I asked in wonder. I knew this wasn’t my doing, and it felt like a trap. Why would her magic just drop off like that?

Tobias let out a loud laugh that sent a shiver through my body before he took the rock and threw it into the yard.

I waited. Nothing happened.

“Your little pet knocked her out.” He took a step forward, then another until he had confidently marched up the pathway to her front door. He twisted the handle roughly, the metal popping as the lock broke, before gesturing for me to enter.

I shook my head in confusion before running after him and over the yard that had tried to kill me seven ways till Sunday. “Cyrus knocked her out?”

“Guys as clumsy as he looks.” His deep voice was full of amusement. “One of the guards just reported that Rona had cornered him, and he freaked out, trying to escape her. He accidentally knocked her into the fireplace mantle, and she’s out cold.” He ducked his head into the house, examining it before pulling back and wrinkling his nose.

I was happy Cyrus was taking my warnings about her to heart, and I couldn’t help but laugh as I walked into her house. It was misleadingly small on the outside, but the inside had been crafted by magic and was a massive open space with a hallway to the side where several rooms lined the walls, leading to blood-red double doors that were open, showing her empty bed inside.

The common rooms only took a few minutes to search before I moved on to her study. Each drawer I pulled open and every painting I moved led to disappointment. Tobias searched with me, but I could feel his eyes trailing over me each time I reached up or bent down. It was almost distracting, but I was too frustrated by the lack of incriminating evidence to say anything.

I shut the last drawer in her study, the desk shaking from the force. Nothing. She had a few ingredients that I wouldn’t mind getting my hands on, but nothing to tie her to her mother’s death or hint at what she was working on.

“She has to be hiding it somewhere.” I groaned as I stood, only to stop when I saw Tobias staring at me with his shoulder leaning against the doorframe. A fire in his eyes made my stomach tighten, and I swallowed hard as my anger ebbed away. “What?”

“You’re too wound up, sweetheart. You need to relax to think clearly.” He pushed off the door frame.

“I am thinking clearly.” I snapped back a s he moved to stand behind me.

“Let me help you relax.” His fingers trailed over my neck, pulling my hair back from my mark. He was playing a dangerous game.

Part of me wanted him to sink his teeth into my neck, bringing me the most pleasure I had ever felt. But I had priorities. We didn’t know how long Rona would be out, and we needed to leave her house before she woke.

His fingers ran up my h*ips, lifting my shift a few inches as he grazed my injured ribs. “Do they hurt?”

“No,” I lied, but he saw right through me and laughed, sliding his hand to the front of my pants with his hard c*oc*k pressed against my ass. His fingers spread my l*ips as he began to rub my w*et p*uss*y, groaning when he felt how ready I was for him. All rational thought left my mind, and my shoulders dropped.

The idea of f*uc*king my mate in Rona’s house had me dripping. It felt like one colossal f*uc*k you to her, and I wanted it. I wanted to cum for my man on her desk or in her bed and have her be none the wiser. “Oh, f*uc*k!” The moan was low and soft a s my knees buckled, but Tobias wrapped his arm carefully around my waist.

“Not yet, sweetheart. You don’t cum until I say you do.” His growled against my ear, nipping at the lobe and making me quiver with desire. “You like this, don’t you? You get off on the sneaking around and the games. But I imagine how w*et you are right now, is because you know that this, riding my f*ingers and c*umming for me in this house, is something that you will always have over her. She doesn’t have to know unless you tell her, and if you do, she can’t do anything about it.”

He was right. It was insanely hot.

We broke into my enemy’s house, and now my mate was about to f*uc*k me in it. Rona would never know, but I would, and that was hot as hell.

“I’m going to go easy on you because you’re hurt, but once we get home, I will f*uc*k you until you can’t walk.” His low threat had me moaning even louder. “Right now, I’m going to take you to her bed.”

He spun me around carefully, his hand leaving my p*ants. I locked my l*egs around him as he lifted me before connecting our l*ips. I pulled his hair, k*issing down his throat as he stormed through the hallway with me and dropped me on her black cotton sheets.

Tobias wasted no time in pulling my pants and underwear from my body.

“Spread your perfect f*uc*king thighs, sweetheart. Show me how w*et you are for me. Show me what my reward will be when we get home.” His demand was met by my immediate submission, and I opened my knees. The cool air was startling, but he dropped to his knees and pulled me to the edge of the bed with my l*egs over his shoulders. My body tightened as his hot m*outh found my clit, sucking and l*icking it.

“Yes,” I cried breathlessly, throwing my head back with my eyes closed. Tobias pulled back, and my eyes snapped open a s he slapped his hand down on my p*uss*y.

“C*um for me.” The orgasm ripped through me just as my eyes settled on what we had been looking for.

The shimmering blue of magic surrounded an object like an electrical field, and I grabbed Tobias’s hair when he made his way back between my legs.

“That’s it,” I said, sitting up and curling forward to k*iss his l*ips, tasting myself on his tongue. “I knew it!”

My excitement made him raise his eyebrows as I shoved him back. I was greeted by his massive c*oc*k, hard in his shorts at my eye level, before standing. I will be taking care of that later with great pleasure.

I pointed behind me to the round table in the corner of the room. “That’s got to be i t!”

“What the f*uc*k?” Tobias asked with disgust as he stared at the object, but I had yet to see it clearly. “Is that…”

He trailed off as I spun around and approached the protected item in nothing but a shirt. The white bone was long, and my eyes widened as I saw what was at the end. “Cora’s foot and leg? Yes. I think it is.

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