The Claiming by Cooper Chapter 223

The Claiming by Cooper Book 4

The Contest by Cooper (Jaxon & Evangeline)

Chapter 23 Jaxon

If I thought my mate looked good in a bathing suit, it’s a pale comparison to the goddess that is standing in front of me now.

Her long, lithe body is shadowed by the darkness of night, but that only accentuates the white color of her strapless b*ra and panties, and as my eyes travel down her body, I nearly swallow my t*ong*ue at seeing those strappy heels still attached to her feet.

Once again, I’m so fucking h*ard, I feel like I’m about to blow my load. I even planned ahead this time, took care of things in the shower earlier knowing I’d be dancing with her. It doesn’t matter, everytime I see her, t*ouch her, my body’s response is instant and intense.

“You’re beautiful,” I say reverently, meaning it.

I continue to look over her body, happy that she doesn’t seem shy about me looking at her. I pull off my jacket, tossing it into the grass before beginning to unbutton my cuffs and then the buttons of my shirt. Even in the dim light of the evening, I can see her eyes darken. As I pull my shirt off, tossing it on top of my jacket, I watch her l*icK those delectable lips.

I kick off my shoes, then begin to undo my belt and pants. I kick them over with my other clothes.

“Is this what you wanted, Evangeline?” I ask, my voice deep and husky with desire.

“Yes,” her voice is breathy and soft.

I crook my finger at her, and she steps out of her dress, wobbling a bit on the uneven terrain. When she’s standing in front of me, I bend down.

“Let’s get these off. I’d hate to have to stop because you twisted your ankle,” I say, looking up at her.

She reaches out, running her fingers through my hair. I take a deep breath, smelling her a*rous*al. Goddess, I hope she lets me taste her tonight.

I turn back to her shoes. I trail my hand down her strong, muscular calves, to her ankle before undoing the s*trap. Then I lift her l*eg, pulling the shoe off but lifting her foot to my m*outh and k*issing her instep. I’ve never been much for feet, but with Evangeline, I want to know every arch, every curve.

Even this gentle t*ouch has her body shivering. I look up and see her watching me. Without taking my eyes off of hers, I begin k*issing my way back up her calf, I  l*icK the back of her knee before slowly putting her l*eg down, continuing my leisurely k*isses up her t*high. When I get to the apex of her t*highs, the scent of her a*rous*al is so strong and intoxicating that I need just a hint of what she tastes like.

I run my t*ong*ue over the outside of her p*anties, feeling how s*oak*ed they are. If I thought her m*outh tasted divine, it is nothing compared to the sweet nectar that I’ve found here. Her quiet whimper of need has me growling soft and low, making her moan with desire.

Damn my mate is hot.

Before I get too lost, I turn my attention to her left t*high, beginning to k*iss my way back down her l*eg. I l*icK behind this knee too before pulling her l*eg up and k*issing my way to her ankle. When I unstrap her shoe, tossing it over by my clothes, I again k*iss her instep.

“Jaxon.” It’s a whisper on the wind, a plea, an entreaty, for something more.

I set her foot back on the ground and softly trail my fingers over both of her l*egs. I slowly stand, taking a deep breath of her heady scent as I pass her h*ips, taking a moment to k*iss her flat stomach and then deciding I should k*iss my way up her body.

Her arms slide over my shoulders, her fingers tracing the lines of muscles on my back. I wrap my arms around her, holding her steady as she arches back, giving me access to her chest.

I k*iss the top of one b*reas*t, working my way to the other. Then I slip my t*ong*ue inside the top of her b*ra, finding the h*ard tip of her n*ipp*le. Her body jerks in my arms, her hands tightening as my t*ong*ue fl*icKs over her sensitive bud.

“Can I take this off?” I ask her, my hand moving to the back of her b*ra. “Yes.”

I fumble for a moment, causing her to smile at me.

“Do you need help, Jaxon?” she asks me, teasingly.

I growl at her, nipping at her chin as I finally get the damn contraption unhooked. I slide the material out from between us and get my first look at her perfect b*reas*ts.

Leaving one arm wrapped around her, I look into her shining eyes, as I run a thumb over her n*ipp*le. Her body jerks again at my t*ouch.

“I love how your body responds to me,” I tell her, running my thumb over her n*ipp*le again.

I cup her b*reas*t in my hand and lean down, fl*icKing my t*ong*ue over her n*ipp*le before s*uc*king it into my m*outh. Her moan is louder this time, her body presses against mine, pushing against my l*ength that is already so h*ard that the added pressure, the movement of her body has me on the verge of c*oming right now.

I pull off her n*ipp*le with a soft ‘pop’ before stepping back.

“Jaxon?” she asks, and I can see her confusion, wondering why I stopped. “We need to lay down, I want more access to you.” I say, grabbing my jacket and laying it open on the ground for her.

I turn and hold my hand out for her. She comes to me immediately, and I pull her against me, taking her m*outh in a needy k*iss. Her body presses against mine, aching for release as much as I am.

Now she pulls away. “Lay down, Jaxon. It’ s my turn to t*ouch you.”

I do as she asks, watching as she gracefully straddles me. Even with my boxers and her p*anties between us, I can feel the heat of her s*ex, her s*oak*ed panties making my boxers w*et.

“I have to warn you, Eve, I won’t last long in this position,” I say, trying to be honest and not scare her, but I’m so close, if she moves her h*ips at all, I’ll explode.

She leans forward, nuzzling her nose by my ear before s*uc*king my earlobe into her m*outh. She must feel my dick twitch against her body as she gently bites down.

“I won’t last long in this position either, Jaxon,” she says, before sitting up and beginning to grind her h*ips over me.

Fuck it feels so good and when she throws her head back, her m*outh falling open, I reach up and tweak her n*ipp*les. That’s all it takes to send her over the edge with me tumbling over right behind her.

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