The Half Blood Luna Chapter 18

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Chapter 18

Ella’s POV:

I recognized the man holding me against the door and threatening to K*ll me if I scream for help. He was one of beta Sam’s men. The one who spies for him. Who K*lls for him? I didn’t know his name, unfortunately. What the hell is he doing in my room?

“Are you going to be smart and keep your mouth shut when I remove my hand?” he asks.

I manage to give a small nod. He lets me go and backs away a little. I take a good look at him. He was probably in his forties. He was very huge and muscular, I could barely reach his ch3st. He was bald and had a black short beard. His brown eyes were looking down at me in disgust.

“I heard your little confession to alpha Klaus in the back yard about what your father did. And let me tell you that that was a very stupid thing you did little girl” he said sarcastically.

“What’s it to you? You weren’t involved in what happened?” I whispered.

“It’s true I wasn’t, but somethings are better left unspoken, don’t you think? I happen to know that you also lied to alpha Klaus about how you really knew about the whole thing” he said tauntingly.

No way. How the hell does he know that? Does he know I was their s*e*x sl*ve? I wipe the shock from my face quickly and fake confusion “I don’t know what you are talking about”

“you’re not going to start lying to me now, are you little girl?” he said with a smile before reaching into his leather jacket’s inner pocket, and pulling out a sharp hunting knife.

I stare at the knife in his hand in fear. I don’t dare to open my mouth.

“That’s what I thought. I know what you were to the old alpha and beta, and I also know that you know more than you are letting on. So, tell me, what else did alpha Grey tell you whenever he couldn’t control his drunk mouth?” he twirls the knife in his hand playfully waiting for my response. I try to reason with him. “Look, alpha Grey used to get drunk a lot, but he was only too dunk one time when he told me about my father and that’s it. He never got that kind of drunk again, I swear”

He seemed to consider my answer for a minute before saying “well, I believe you. However, on the off chance that you might remember something later and decide to go open your mouth to alpha Klaus, I am afraid I have no choice but to K*ll you”

He lunges at me so fast I barely have time to move. I stifle a cry as his knife cuts me in my upper arm. I hold the wound and look at him in dread. The son of a b*tch was smiling at me.

Ok. I am going to d*ie. He was ten times stronger than me, not to mention the knife he was holding in his hand. I was useless and weak, I didn’t stand a chance against him.

Out of the corner of my eye, I saw my glasswater bottle on the table. I didn’t stop to think, my body was acting on its own accord. I took two steps toward the table and started throwing all my books at his face. He was struggling for a few seconds to block them, which gave me my very short window. I reached for the bottle, smashed it on the table to get the sharp edges to stand out, and stabbed the hand that was holding the knife, just below his wrist. He snarled in pain as I twisted my hand to deepen the cut. Just like alpha Klaus was shocked when I attacked him yesterday in the woods, this man didn’t expect me to fight back too, I could tell. I wasn’t expecting myself to fight either. I barely had control over my body. Suddenly, the alpha’s command rang inside my head loud and clear, and I understood what was happening.

“You will not K*ll or hurt yourself without my permission. You will not let yourself be K*lled or d*ie without fighting with all your strength until your last breath”

The man spit out in anger “I have to give it to you, I wasn’t expecting you to fight at all. Now I see why the alpha and beta loved to make you break, you’re a feisty little thing”

He kicked me with his leg on my stomach so hard, I fell backwards hitting the back of my head against the rock wall. A surge of pain exploded in both my stomach and head. I felt a trickle of blood sliding down my neck. My head was ringing loudly. He came at me again, and I threw the bottle I was still holding in my hand at his head, and dived towards my cot. It smashed into a million pieces without causing anything to him. I was about to get up and head for the door, when he grabbed my neck with both hands and threw me to the ground, right where the pieces of glasswere scattered. I felt the shards cut into my back. I tried to scream in an attempt to save myself, but he was chocking the life out of me with his bare hands, I couldn’t make a sound. I clawed at his hands trying to break free, but failed miserably. I tried to gauge his eyes out, but my hands could barely reach his upper arms. I was struggling for air, and about to give up, when I noticed a big shard of glassnext to my head. I took it and stabbed him with it in his shoulder.

The bastard didn’t loosen his grip, on the opposite, he tightened it even more. I felt my unconsciousness creeping in, and I wanted to give in to it, but my commanded mind and body refused to let me go without one last attempt with the last breath I had in me.

I removed the shard from his shoulder and stabbed him in one of his hands so hard, the shard came out the other side and cut my neck a little.

He howled in pain and finally loosened his grip. I punched his jaw and got up from under him coughing and trying to catch my breath, while trying to reach for the door.

Before I could touch the handle, the man turned me to him and shoved me against the wall next to the door. Before I could figure out my next move, he thrust the hunting knife deep into the middle of my ch3st. I couldn’t scream from the pain I felt. I tried to take a small breath, and it sent a deep wave of pain inside me.

“It was fun K*lling you, little girl. Thanks for making it a little challenging” the man whispered in my ear, before opening the door, and closing it behind him.

I collapsed on the floor, with my back against the wall. I tried to make a sound, but nothing was coming out of me. It was getting harder to breath by the second.

Ok, I fought till my last breath, just like I was commanded to do. There was nothing left to save anymore. The knife was embedded deep in my ch3st, puncturing my lungs and probably piercing my heart. My vision was getting darker and darker. I could feel my last breath coming out of me, as my right hand automatically reached the door handle and opened it. My hand fell down, and I extended it out into the dark corridor. That was my last move along with my last breath before passing out.

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