My Rich Hot and Infertile (Or Maybe Not) Husband Chapter 307

Chapter 307 
Chapter 307 
The main point of that statement is basically telling everyone to just go by official info. Don’t go making wild guesses based on unofficial stuff to avoid being taken advantage of by people with ulterior motives. 
“To avoid being taken advantage of by people with ulterior motives” is pretty loaded, right? 
As for Sydney being in the upcoming “Phoenix Fire,” that rumor was already swirling around a few months ago. 
Even though the show hasn’t started filming yet, Sydney has already made it onto the trending list several times, just based on her association with “Phoenix Fire“. 
Thanks to Zach’s reputation and Sydney’s popularity, every time they make the trending list, it’s always a hot topic for discussion. 
But at the time, Sydney didn’t give a damn. Then, when the show started shooting, she wasn’t a part of it and suddenly put out this statement. Her fans naturally felt that they’d been played by the show’s producers, who just wanted to ride on their idol’s popularity. 
So when this statement was released, Sydney’s fans were all up in arms, flooding the “Phoenix Fire” official account with angry comments. 
Luckily, Zach had the foresight not to publicly reveal the cast, or else nobody’s account would be safe from the onslaught. 
Sydney’s all about popularity, so she’s really great at playing this game. Her fans are being used without even realizing it and keep comforting and encouraging her on her account. 
Trisha spoke up in the group chat, “The show started shooting and made the trending list before. Why didn’t she say she wasn’t involved then, and why mention it just now?” 
Celeste also thought it was pretty weird. Why would she release such a statement out of nowhere? Wasn’t she just asking for trouble? 
Zach hates it when celebrities try to create buzz like this. Sydney is stirring up a storm – does she still want to be in any of Zach’s shows in the future? 
Janetta chimed in, “Maybe she has a new drama to announce? She’s trying to create hype, right?” 
At first, everyone thought Janetta might be overthinking it, but by the afternoon, the media was already saying that Sydney was going to be in a show called “Peaceful Land.” 
“Peaceful Land” is a mystery crime drama adapted from a popular novel with a huge readership. 
Of course, the buzz around it isn’t only from the gripping plot, but due to the author being accused of plagiarism, which drew widespread attention. 
Celeste doesn’t really read novels much, but got in touch with this one when working on a radio drama. 
She talked to Kendrick a lot during that time and asked him to help her to check out the script. But as soon as he saw it was this one, he told her to turn it down straight away. 
She learned about the controversy from Kendrick. 
Curious, she looked through a couple of the other books that were said to be plagiarized. 
She found some similarities in the cases and especially the main characters, which were nearly identical to another book. 
One or two similarities can be written off as coincidence. But when it keeps happening, you can’t call it a coincidence anymore. 
The definition of plagiarism was complicated, and it was difficult to legally define this book as plagiarism. This was why it’s still popular. The author was even more arrogant, denying plagiarism and even suing some readers for damaging his reputation. 
Up until now, this author was still active in the field. The affair hadn’t had any negative impact but actually helped skyrocket their fame, selling their novel rights like hot cakes. Rumor had it that the copyrights are now worth more than 20 million. 
Adapted dramas with huge controversies like “Peaceful Land” popped up in the entertainment industry all the time. 
Some companies even specialized in buying copyrights of these controversial books. From the start of production, they used plagiarism as a hot topic to stay in the news. 
Throughout the broadcast of these shows, some viewers would accuse them of plagiarism, while loyal fans would defend them. 
Unsurprisingly, the viewership numbers for these shows were amazing. Some actors even won awards, which was just mind–blowing. 
Sydney must knew about the controversy around “Peaceful Land.” Maybe she wanted to take a gamble and try her luck with drama too? 
“Letti, Sydney’s new show might air at the same time as ‘Phoenix Fire‘ you’re in. I bet she’s doing this on purpose,” Trisha speculated, clearly knowing some insider info. 
“Well, if that’s the case, we’ll just have to tough it out. I believe in Zach’s directing abilities.” 
“I believe in him too, but airing against such a popular show, our ratings might take a hit. Why is Sydney so hell–bent on clinging to you?” 
Celeste paused for a moment before asking, “Do you know when ‘Peaceful Land‘ starts shooting?” 
“I think it’s next week, but I’ll try to get more details,” Trisha hesitated for a moment before asking, “What do you want to do?” 
Celeste replied, “I’m thinking… Maybe I should send her a gift for the start of filming.” 
Chapter 307 
Trisha frowned and said, “Are you just itching to waste your money or what?”

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