My Rich Hot and Infertile (Or Maybe Not) Husband Chapter 538

Chapter 538 
She’s usually super careful when downloading this stuff, afraid that Liam would find out what she’s watching and ruin her image in his eyes. Turns out he already knew and pretended not to know all along! 
Thinking about how serious she looked while reading those novels on her iPad and lying to Liam that she was reading serious books, he probably guessed what she was up to a long time ago! 
Celeste was so pissed, like, why is Liam so freaking annoying! 
Liam, enjoying the sight of the woman beneath him being annoyed and angry, couldn’t help but smile and sigh, whispering in her ear, “If only we could mark people in real life too.” 
“What are you even thinking?!” Celeste glared at him, “That stuff’s only fun in novels! If marking were possible in the real world, the first thing I’d do is become strong so nobody could mark me!” 
Liam glanced at her, “What if you were the one wanting to find a mate?” 
Celeste imagined it for a moment and laughed. “Then I’d have a few handsome guys marking me, it’s no fun with only one mate.” 
Liam’s speechless. 
Double standards! 
The two didn’t realize they were getting off–topic until the door was pushed open again. 
Sienna looked at the two lying on the bed, and the next second, she closed it again. 
Celeste looked at Liam on her, she kicked his leg with her foot, “Get away, get away, get away! We’re divorced now! Granny will misunderstand if she sees us like this“” 
Liam slowly got off her. 
Celeste quickly grabbed her clothes and put them on. 
When she was ready, they both headed out. 
As soon as Liam opened the door, he saw Sienna with her ear against it. The sudden opening of the door almost made her lose her balance, but Celeste quickly grabbed her arm. 
“Granny, be careful.” 
Sienna steadied herself and then looked at the two of them, frowning. “That was too quick, wasn’t it?” 
Liam And Celeste both speechless. 
What was Sienna thinking? 
Celeste explained, “We just changed clothes.” 
Upon hearing this, Sienna immediately shot Liam a disgusted look and muttered, “You’re not even as good as Sugar!” 
Liam ??? 
Sienna had prepared a meal, and Celeste, unable to refuse, stayed for dinner. 
During the meal, Sienna didn’t mention Celeste and Liam’s divorce, only asking what Celeste was doing now. 
Celeste said she was acting in a drama, and Sienna was thrilled, “So I’ll be able to see you on TV often?” 
Celeste smiled, “It’s not a very important role, but you’ll be able to see me.” 
“You are just starting out, there will be opportunities later. Show them when you get a Best Actress award.” 
Celeste chuckled, “I’ll try my best.” 
As they were talking, Liam’s phone rang, and he went out to answer it.

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